Jubilee Worship Talks About Their God-Centered Vision & Their New Album "Only the Cross"

Jubilee Worship

Jubilee Worship is part of Jubilee World which seeks raise a globally diverse and eclectic body of musicians, dancers, actors, and members purposed to serve God throughout the globe.  As an organization, they have had schools where students can be trained in song, dance, and all other forms of expression found within the performing arts and media to worship God.  Together, the students often come together for Jubilee Worship nights for worship. "Only the Cross" is the outcome of such worship evenings together. 

"Only the Cross" is Jubilee Worship's debut Mandarin-language album featuring 10 newly recorded worshop songs.  We are honored to catch up with songwriter, producer and guitarist Hetao Huang for this exclusive interview.

Q:  Thanks Hetao for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, you served as the producer for Jubilee Worship's album.  Tell us about yourself.   How did you get to become a producer?

A: Thanks Timothy, actually I am not that qualified to be called a producer, it was my first time to be the main part of an album producing, all was by God's grace. I am a songwriter and guitarist, when I shared my songs demos to other Jubilee members, they thought we should do a Chinese album, so we started to work on this album together. 

Q:  Many of our readers may not be familiar with Jubilee Ministries.  What is this ministry about?

A: Thanks for this opportunity for me to introduce Jubilee Ministries, Jubilee is a fellowship comprised of a globally diverse and eclectic body of musicians, dancers, actors, and members purposed to glorify God through the sacrifices of praise and worship. Jubilee utilizes song, dance, and all other forms of expression found within the performing arts and media to sound one loud and unified spiritual trumpet call, proclaiming to all peoples the message of hope, healing and spiritual freedom as found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Through this Gospel, Jubilee wishes to bring truth and life back into today's entertainment industry and culture, transforming them into mediums to be used for God's will and purposes.

Q:  How did this ministry start?  And what makes this ministry special?

A: Established in Los Angeles, CA, in 2002 as "Jubilee Mission" by a group of university students, the ministry began with a vision to form a non-denominational fellowship of Christian musicians to aid in increasing the presence and quality of Gospel music on campuses. Through partnerships with local fellowships and Christian organizations, the ministry began its growth, gradually extending its influence into other fields of the performing arts, as well as media and education.

What make this ministry special? For me it is the very strong God-centered vision and how the leadership overcomes difficulties by faith. As a member I found that everything in this ministry is for God's kingdom's purposes. By human standard, it is never been easy to do a ministry like Jubilee, from my aspect, this ministry is NOT built by money but by faith.

Q:  Jubilee Worship, I guess, is part of this ministry.  Now tell us about Jubilee Worship - how many worship leaders do you have? And how many were involved in this new album?

A: Yes Jubilee Worship is part of this ministry, just like Jubilee Dance, Jubilee Chorus, Jubilee Symphony Orchestra. In Jubilee Worship there are worship leaders in different languages, like English, Korean, Chinese etc. There are 3 Chinese- speaking worship leaders involved in this new album. 

Q:  "Only the Cross" is a Mandarin-language album.  Do you plan on releasing albums in other languages?

A: As I know, Jubilee Worship does have plans on releasing albums in English and Spanish. But it will be other producers and other group of Jubilee members who will work on that. 

Q:  Talk to us about the making of "Only the Cross" - what were some of joys in the making of this record?

A: The greatest joy for me is that when the vocals were being recorded, I was able to feel the hearts of singers, their hearts were touched by the Holy Spirit that's why they were able to express the lyrics deeply through their voices, one of the singers was even filled to tears while recording. 

Q:  What were some of challenges in making this record?

A: The challenges can be the mixing and mastering,  this Chinese album was self produced, we did the mixing and mastering inside of Jubilee members who get involved.  Even though the mixing and mastering is not perfect, but we grows in this area during this process. 

Q:  What's next for Jubilee Worship and yourself?

A: Jubilee worship strives to take further steps to launch more album, DVD and special projects. I will be in the preparation of the 2nd Chinese album next year. Your prayers for this ministry are appreciated. 

To purchase "Only the Cross," click here.

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