Glen Campbell's Heartbreaking Health Update

Glen Campbell

Last month, country music icon and celebrated Christian Glen Campbell released his final album Adios.  However, according Glen's daughter Ashley, the iconic singer has no knowledge of the release of the album. Campbell's family believes that his Alzheimer's has progressed to the point where he cannot comprehend anything about what's going on with the project.

."We don't want to sugarcoat it," daughter Ashley Campbell tells the Boot. "He has no idea that he has an album out. He had no idea when he won a Grammy."

Glen Campbell won a Grammy for Best Country Song in 2015 for "I'm Not Gonna Miss You," which he wrote and recorded about his Alzheimer's disease when he was still well enough to work. But in the time between the recording process and receiving the award, he had progressed to the point where he couldn't process winning."I handed him the Grammy when I brought it back to him, and he had no idea what it was," his wife Kim says. "But he listens to music, nonetheless. So we always play it for him."

Adios entered Billboard's Top 200 at No. 40 last month. The set bowed with 14,000 units - nearly all from traditional album sales. The set is billed as the ailing star's final album. It was recorded in 2012, a year after it was announced he had Alzheimer's disease. Adios grants Campbell his 16th top 40 album, while on Top Country Albums (where it bows at No. 7), it's his 19th top 10 effort. 

In June 2011, Campbell announced he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease six months earlier. According to his family, symptoms of the disease had been occurring for years, becoming more and more evident as the years progressed. Campbell went on a final "Goodbye Tour," with three of his children joining him in his backup band. His final show was on November 30, 2012, in Napa, California. He performed "Rhinestone Cowboy" as a goodbye at the 2012 Grammy Awards ceremony held on February 12, 2012, his final televised on-stage performance.


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