Christian Lesbian Singer Jennifer Knapp Avoids Singing About Faith on Her New Album

Jennifer Knapp

Christian rock artist Jennifer Knapp has just released her brand new album "Love Comes Around" last Friday.  This is her first album since she came out of the closet disclosing that she is a lesbian.

With her new album, don't expect her to sing about her faith as she used to.  Speaking with WashingtonBlade,Knapp says, "I'm not writing about my faith, although it does show up in some respects in my music now. ... But I'm not there anymore. ... "

Rather, the album revolves around the theme of love. "I thought it was going to be more folky and acoustic and very bare bones ... but it ended up being really lush. There's a lot of beauty on this record even though it has a very simplistic feel to it. There are so many subtle layers. ... It's not a typical pop record that some people may have been anticipating." 

Meanwhile, Knapp has gone back to school to pursue a Masters in Theology. "I just want to be very educated and informed and not just having the faith for myself personally but (considering) what are the implications to us as a community. ... I want to talk about the confluence of LGBT issues and religious organizations with a lot of wisdom and patience." 

"I don't feel like I'm having to spend all my time on stage kind of trying to explain what's going on or feeling like I'm being investigated by the audience. Now it's more about coming together and enjoying the music we all know ... and less about trying to figure out what our footing is in this new story." 

Knapp is best known for her first single "Undo Me" from her debut album, Kansas (1998), and the song "A Little More" from her Grammy Award-nominated album, Lay It Down (2000). The Way I Am (2001), was also nominated for a Grammy. In total, the three albums have sold approximately 1 million copies. After taking a seven-year hiatus, Knapp announced in September 2009 that she was returning to music.

On May 11, 2010 she released Letting Go with the single "Dive In". The album debuted at No. 73 on the Billboard 200 chart 

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