The Rock Worship Spells Out Their Vision: "Our Cry is that He will One Day Rule"

The Rock Worship

It was the year 2000 when The Rock launched in Anaheim, California with a vision and passion to reach and disciple Orange County for Jesus. What started in one small room is now a church with 13 congregations on 9 campuses in 4 languages; and with a discipleship program that reaches over 160 U.S. churches and is in many countries around the world. 

Throughout the years many singers, musicians, writers, artists and technicians have been divinely gathered together to collaborate and bring something beautiful in worship to God.  This group that we call The Rock Worship has compiled 10 original songs for their sophomore album released on Dream Worship entitled God Will Reign. Our prayer is that these songs would fill many homes, cars, parks, jogging trails, hospital rooms, houses of worship, mountains high and valleys low with the sweet presence of Jesus. 

Q:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  In the year 2000, the Rock Church started with just a handful of people, now you are a church with 18 congregations.  What were some of the factors the caused such an exponential growth? 

From day one we set out to love God with all of our hearts and win and disciple people for Jesus.  That's still at the core everything we plan and do.  Every service we see people give their lives to Christ, get water baptized, and jump into our OSL (operation solid lives) Discipleship Classes.  Watching new people come into the kingdom weekly keeps ministry fresh.  It's the greatest thing we could ever experience...

Q:  Having 18 congregations, how do you monitor the worship of the entire church?  Do each congregation have their own worship leaders?    

Each congregation does have their own worship leader and we definitely do have similarities between us.  But we definitely stay open to allow the personalities of each campus and language to flow according to the people that are a part.  We have worship gatherings and share songs and encouragement between one another.  We're like a big worship family across many campuses. 

Q: Let's talk about your new album, "God Will Reign."  What's your vision in the making of this record?

It seems like this is said often, but over the last few years our world has seen a lot of change.  There is major tension policitally, economically, socially, with religion, and on and on....  Our world needs Jesus!  This album is a declaration of praise to God.  Our cry is that He will one day rule the earth and His love will be known to all.  The songs on this album were written from the hearts of our church calling out to God and praying for our world.

Q:  Like your previous album, this was a live recording.  What was the recording night like? 

The night of the recording was very excited and memorable.  Our team had been preparing for weeks with the many details, rehearsals, and prayer and finally the night had come.  We were ready to just come in and sing out to God.  From the opening songs to the very end our church sang, worshiped, and enjoyed the beauty of the moment.  We'll remember the live recording night for years to come.. 

Q:  As I was listening to the songs, I notice that "sing-ability" is what earmarks many of the songs.  Is this important for you in a song?  What do you do if people in the congregation refuse to sing along when you lead worship?

Well, you can't make people sing, but our hope is that they'll want to.  Our prayer is that these songs will pull you into the worship and not be something to just sit back and listen to.  When we write we do try to keep it simple enough to sing, but deep enough to have meaning and thought with good theology.  People will go home humming and singing songs, and songs do work their way down deep into the soul.  Sometimes people don't catch them first time around.  My feeling is that I need to be singing and worship the song before I expect someone else to.

Q:  I must say I love "All."  The words are just so heart rendering:  "Surrender happens when you quit fighting God / No need to challenge Him, He's already won / I am settled knowing He has THE plan for everything."  How did the song come about?

"All" was written during an early moment of prayer and surrender.  I was wrestling with God about something and really tried to think how I could do it my way, and yet still please Him.  It was that struggle inside that we all face of not really wanting to give up something we had all planned.  "All" is really a song of surrender!  True surrender happens when there is NO fight, NO argument, and NO personal agenda!  Though it's sometimes hard to get there, surrendering to God's way is the most liberating feeling on earth.

Q:  What are a few of the songs on the new record you are most excited about?  And why?

"Love, Love, Love" is so fun to sing.  Everyone sings and dances and just let's go...

"Matchless Name" is a declaration of faith in the name of Jesus.  I love to sing the part that says "faith is rising in Your name!".  You feel the hearts of the faith rising to the Lord!!"I Let Go" is another groovy song that speaks surrender to God, losing your life to find His."Wonderful" is reflective, a true psalm that ponder the gentle love of God to His children. 

Q:  Many of our readers are also worship leaders in different churches, where can they go if they want to buy or download the chord or the lead sheets of the songs on your new record that they want to sing? 

Anyone can go to our website to download free chord charts to every song.  They can also connect with us IG, Twitter or Facbook.  Just look search therockworship and follow us.  We'd love to connect with everyone! 

Q:  Being a songwriter, what do you do to feed yourself spiritually?  

Mostly the book of Psalms, but really all of God's word.  There are many great devotionals out there and I've read quite a bit.  But there is nothing in the world that compares with opening God's word and beginning to sing.  Sing the word of God.  Sing your prayers.  Sing your heart.  When you feed on His word and spend time in His presence you can't help but be filled up with songs of love and worship to God.  Also, when your inspiration runs low, it's important to stay around others who write and sing out.  It's more about the environment and atmospher than a particular book. 

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