Second Half Quartet Brings Back the Vintage Southern Gospel Sounds with "Renewed"

Second Half Quartet

Out now boh online and in stores is the brand new album by Second Half Quartet. "Renewed" is the second album from this relatively newly formed quartet. 

When The Mark Trammell Quartet and Greater Vision appear on the same program, you will often see them bring Pat Barker along and sing as The Second-Half Quartet. This "new" group consisting of Mark Trammell, Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Chris Allman and Pat Barker comes together for a program of live music and classic quartet songs that they know you will enjoy.

This brand-new release features ten great classic quartet songs, plus two songs written by group members. The classics include "John The Revelator," "Wedding Music," "Crown Him King" and Rusty Goodman's "Who Am I." The two songs written or cowritten by group members are Rodney Griffin and Scotty Inman's "During The Rapture" and "You're Gonna Live When You Die" from Rodney Griffin and Chris Allman. Each song on the album has a carefully-chosen message performed with style and talent by this fantastic quartet.

If you enjoy good, four-part harmony with understated instrumentation performed "the way it used to be," you will love the Second-Half Quartet and the great songs on their new album, "Renewed." 


1. During The Rapture

2. Crown Him King

3. Wedding Music

4. Alone In The Garden

5. I'm In The Shadow  

6. God Delivers Again

7.  Miracles Will Happen

8. On That Day  

9. Who Am I

10. John The Revelator

11. Sin Will Take You Farther

12. You're Gonna Live When You Die

13. Far Above The Starry Sky 


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