Abigail Duhon Talks About Her Upcoming Movie & the Sounds of Her New EP

Abigail Duhon

Pop artist and actress, Abigail Duhon  and DREAM Records are proud to announce the release of Abigail's self-titled EP.  The project features a power pop sound with lyrics and melodies that reveal Abigail's heart.  With songs like the initial released single "Rebound" and "Into The Light" bringing a current feel in today's Christian music scene, other songs like the EDM track "Dance Up" and "Give Me More" promising to get your feet moving. The EP also features her hit "I'm Not Ashamed" written in honor of Rachel Scott's life surrounding the Columbine High School tragedy, and was featured in the Pure Flix film of the same name where Abigail appeared in the role of Chloe. 

Q:  Abigail, thanks for doing this interview with us.  I was reading your bio and it says that it was Hurricane Katrina which inspired you to sing.  How did this tragedy inspired you to sing and write?

A: Thanks for having me! :) Hurricane Katrina was definitely an event in my life I'll never forget. I was only 6 when it had happened and it was difficult to leave everything behind not knowing if it would be there when we got back. We moved several times and our house we were building was destroyed. But one night during this time, I woke up and had these lyrics in my head about God providing for us. So my mom wrote it down and the song was called All Because of You. Its about how God always provides for us and how everything I have in life is because of him. And what I love most is that from this tragedy in my life, God gave me this song not only for comfort, but as a starting point in my career and what he has for me. 

Q:  And you made your debut album when you were 10!  Looking back at the album, how do you feel about it now? 

A: Looking back, I've seen how much I've grown since then and all the memories of some of my first performances and recordings. You know that feeling of like inexpressible joy that makes you want to cry? Kinda like that :)

Q:  You have also been involved as an actresses in many Christian movies such as "God's Not Dead," "Caged No More" and "I'm Not Ashamed." What do you look out for in a movie when you were reading the movie scripts?  What kinds of movies do you like to be part of?

A: When I read a script, I'm always looking for authentic and real life. Sometimes the stories can seem unrealistic or cheesy in a way. With I'm Not Ashamed, I was blown away with how real her life was portrayed and I cried just reading the script. I want to be a part of movies like that where they are impactful and leave you with a question to answer for yourself. Movies that do more than just inspire you a little or let you escape for two hours. 

Q:  What's your next movie you will be involved in?

A: The next movie I will be involved in is Don Quixote which is based of the book by Miguel Cervantes. In which I get to play a teenager who runs after this guy named pancho trying to get him on video to post. Really excited about that haha!! 

Q:  You've also got a new EP with Dream Records.  Who are some of the producers and songwriters you have worked with on this new record?

A:  I worked with tons of amazing talented people with this new project. Two time Grammy winning songwriter and producer, Chuck Butler. Vocal coach and songwriter, Diane Sheets. Billboard-charting Christian Producer and Artist, Matthew Parker. Billboard #1 album and song producer, Sean Cook. But aside from all their achievements, they are some of the coolest, down to earth people I've worked with! I had so much fun with each one of them!

Q:  What are you most excited about this EP? 

A: I'm most excited about the new sound and vibe that each song has to them. I really want to make music that I would want to hear on the radio and sounds like what I like to listen to. Where the beat pumps me up so much and I want to listen to it over and over again.

Q:  Your new song "Rebound" speaks about bouncing back again after a time of discouragement.  Can you tell us a time when God has helped you to rebound? 

 A: When I was younger I went through a hard time of depression and dealt with suicidal thoughts. And I didn't know where it was coming from and why I was like that. But through that experience, I just pressed in closer to God than I ever had and now it's become a part of who I am today. There are times I get to a broken place, but I know that through my pain God won't waste it. Just like how a diamond is made from dust, it has to go through fire and pressure to become its perfect and refined image. It's just like me being made from the dust of the ground and going through trials and tough times which shape me into who I'm suppose to be. I know God has a plan and that no matter what he is there for me through it all.  

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