Helen Yousaf Talks About What It Means to be a "Custodian of Fire"

Helen Yousaf

Elim Sound have partnered with Helen Yousaf to record her new album 'Custodians Of Fire.' It's been seven years since Helen's last studio album. Her brand new album 'Custodians Of Fire' is a compilation of some of the prophetic songs Helen has been singing out over the past two years. Ian Yates and the Elim Sound team partnered with Helen to gel these fragments of prophetic ministry into songs that would encourage the body of Christ and speak a word in season to the atmospheres we find ourselves living in for His glory!

The ten brand new songs on 'Custodians of Fire' are full of passionate responses to valley experiences declaring 'You're with me!'; 'I pitch my tent in the land of hope!'; 'what do you want to see?' and more. Such lines are a heart cry from a mother who knows the sound of one grappling with dark episodes before the light of day beams down on the situation and shows God as generous, strong and faithful. 

This album stands alongside those who are navigating their way through the valley of trouble and declares the doorway of hope is open; It speaks hope to the one waiting; It speaks favour to the one in need; it speaks love over the one that speaks death over themselves; it says 'take it all Lord' and as the title suggests, it says 'You are carrying my glory! So what do you want to see?'

Helen's powerful voice speaks to those in pain, or feeling a lack of purpose. These songs of honesty, hope and heartfelt passion will draw the listener in. We pray this project encourages, uplifts and inspires the listener in their personal journey knowing they are carrying God's glory into every area of their lives. 

Q: Helen, thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, how did you feel the call of God to be a worship leader?

 I didn't really feel or sense a call to become a worship leader. I simply worshipped wholeheartedly and people seemed to follow so the church leaders asked if I would lead and I did. I guess I am happy to do anything for Jesus and if people want to follow then I am humbled and obviously more conscious about leading from a place of integrity and love.  

Q:  Are you currently serving within a church now?  Tell us about your ministry there. 

I am part of the Romford Elim fellowship which is led by Glen Podd; he has been my pastor for 25 years. This church have been amazing in supporting my itinerant ministry, they have released me when they would have benefitted from me staying, they have supported me in so many ways. I am home once a month and sometimes I will lead worship, Sometimes I might preach  but I mainly sit at the back with my little family and pray for people. I love being home. 

Q:  How then did you get to work with Ian Yates and Elim Sound Team?

I met Sam Blake at a conference where he was playing keys and I was singing. When we clocked we were from the same denomination we knew we would have to work on something together for the kingdom, it just makes sense. Sam invited me on to the national Elim sound worship team where I have happily served for a number of years. I think I'm older than all of them but I feel as though I have four big brothers. 

Q:  As I was reading your press release, two words kept jumping up at you.  You were said to lead "prophetic worship."  What is prophetic worship? How is that different from normal worship? 

I love to be able to tap into heavens song over a gathering of people and sometimes perhaps over a single person. I believe that God is singing over us and every so often I hear it in the spirit and choose to sing what I hear rather than what I rehearsed. That's the simplest way I can explain it.

Q:  I really like the title of your new album "Custodian of Fire."  What does it mean to be a custodian of fire?  

 I believe that every believer in Jesus Christ is filled with resurrection power and the very glory or fire from God. I think we sometimes forget what we carry and I Think God wants to remind us about who we are in him. 

Q:  Tell us more about this album.  How did this album come about?  I believe this record is a compilation of songs you have been singing in church, is it?

Just as I didn't necessarily consider myself a worship leader but others saw it in me, similarly, others saw the need to run with the songs God seems to be pouring out through me.  It is always so much easier to run with such a project with other people believe in you and in what you carry. It is a heart cry and heavens response. 

Q:  What are you most excited about this album?

I am most excited about the church rising up and displaying the most contagious confidence in themselves as carriers of God's glory.  I am excited about leaders coming alive in their service to God again. I am excited about those in trouble finding that doorway of hope through worship and surrender.  

Q:   What are your hopes for this record?  How do you wish this record would impact God's kingdom? 

 My hope for this album is that it reaches the one it was intended for. I think it is intended for many but if it is for one I would be ecstatic to find out that it reached that one heart and accomplished what it was set out to do. 


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