Trey Ivey Leaves Legacy Five

Trey Ivey

Piano player Trey Ivey is leaving Southern Gospel group Legacy Five.  Ivey had spent three years traveling and playing for the Mike LeFevre Quartet and was playing for the Old Paths when he joined Legacy Five in March of 2011.  Recently married and now having an 8-month old baby, Trey Ivey wants to spend time with his family rather than having to leave town every week.

In a public letter to his fans, Ivey explains: "I have submitted my notice of resignation from Legacy Five. I have been wrestling with this decision for several months now, trying to find a balance between the road, studio work and most importantly, our 8-month-old baby girl, Emerson. I find it harder than I ever expected it to be, leaving town every week."

Nevertheless, there are no hard feelings between Ivey and the team.  Ivey continees: "Scott Fowler was, just as you would expect...gracious and encouraging to me when I told him of my decision. No one has been better to me than Scott, both on a business level and a personal level. I have no finer friend than him. Thank you, Scott, for the amazing opportunity you have given to my family and me and for investing in me."

Likewise, Scott Fawler is supportive of Trey's decision. "Professionally, Trey has been a valuable member of Legacy Five. His incredible contributions cannot be over-stated. Personally, he is a cherished friend so I will miss him...both personally and professionally, but I understand his decision and I support him fully." 

However, Trey will continue to play with Legacy Five until they find a new pianist. "I have told Scott I will remain with Legacy Five as long as I am needed. I have no "job" lined up. I plan to continue pursuing opportunities in the studio producing, arranging and orchestrating."

 From Cleveland, Georgia and playing piano for Legacy Five is Trey Ivey. Born on December 7, 1989, Trey is the youngest member of the group.

Trey began taking piano lessons when he was five years old and it was evident right away that he was a gifted musician. His parents and his teachers noticed right away that "this kid was different" and they knew he was destined to be a great player.

When asked about his favorite style of music, Trey says, "I enjoy and appreciate a wide array of musical styles. If it is done well, I enjoy it. I certainly have a great appreciation for classical music, especially when it comes to the piano. I enjoy the theory as well as the technical aspects of playing classical music. I really like trying to incorporate some classical themes into southern gospel. But southern gospel is the most "fun" music I have ever played. 


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