The Little Roy and Lizzy Show “Going Home” Album Review

Little Roy and Lizzy Show

Prime Cuts: Going Home, That's the Power in the Blood, The Church Bell

Overall Grade: 4.5/5

Balance is the word that best summarizes the Little Roy and Lizzy Show's brand new StowTown Records release "Going Home."  While some bluegrass records may leave us astounded by the pickers' virtuoso, they also leave behind a steely aloofness.  This is not so with "Going On."  Though the backing, thanks to producer Wayne Haun, is top-notched, the album is also sagaciously balanced with heart-warming acoustic ballads. The Little Roy and Lizzy Show also know how to judiciously strike the balance between songs that give exposition to their Christian faith as well as songs that express that faith in relationships grounded in love.  In terms of the song choices, the Little Roy and Lizzy Show have also been able to keep astride newly composed songs as well as classics such as "When I Stop Dreaming," "Today is Gonna be a Bright Day" and "Travelling On."

The cynosure of this project is Lizzy Long's vocals.  With a stark down home Southern drawl that calls to mind Iris DeMent, Lzzy Long brings out a primordial yearning for belonging in the title track "Going Home."  Long has a way of nuancing each note with just the right measure of emotions that she comes across not only as sweet but also extremely tear-inducing.  She also has the way of invoking nostalgia without the mawkish slush with the toe-tapping "Dinner on the Ground."  The Oak Ridge Boys add their ode of celebrative praise as Long tells the story of how revival came to a small country church.  Jerry Salley & Marcia Henry's "That's the Power in the Blood" has the word "perfection" imprinted all over it.  A gorgeous ballad that speaks of Christ's extensive and unconditional grace, this (If given the right promotion) could be Long's signature tune.

"The Church Bell" also reveals another strength of the record.  With a three dimensional element added to the unfolding of the song's stories revolving around a church bell in a small country town, "The Church Bell" is like a movie wrapped up in 3:27 minutes.  Then Little Roy and Lizzy Show get into their bluegrass frenzy with lots of mandolin and fiddling riffs with the hopeful "Today's Gonna Be a Brighter Day."  Taking a recess from her Christian roots is the Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey's ultra-catchy "Coffee in the Morning."  A love song of unwavering faithfulness, "Coffee" will get us humming and tapping our toes by its chorus.  

Yet, not all is perfect.  "In the Whirlwind," "Free Free" and "Feels Like Rain" are by no means ropey but they are the standard fare bluegrass numbers. They are bright in their dispositions and exemplary in their executions, but they just lack distinctions from the countless pool of bluegrass songs.  However, on the whole, "Going Home" is a solid effort where heart, voice and fingers (on the string instruments) all strike a perfect balance.  With Long's plaintive yet expressive vocals, the journey home has never been more pleasant and picturesque. 



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