Barry Rowland on the Vision & the Heart Behind "It is Time"

Barry Rowland and Deliverance

On April 14, Barry Rowland and Deliverance released It is Time on Horizon Records.  From the kick off of the B-3 organ of the opening song "Delivered Again," you know It Is Time for church. Barry Rowland & Deliverance have never followed the trends for the sake of popularity; they just jump in with both feet to deliver the pure soul of the message they're passionate about.

This new album does not break that mold. With  powerful arrangements and robust vocals  to match, you know something great is in store. With an award-winning writer in the family like Kyla Rowland, who penned  seven of the ten songs, surely the album  will be full of strong material.

Also included are songs from the pen of Gordon Jensen of his classic "Redemption Draweth Nigh," Johnny Minick's mid-tempo "How Long" and Vonda Easley's moving "Help Me Make It." It Is Time is also the first album  featuring the group's new lead vocalist Matthew Burgess. He's got the power to deliver everything from the driving styles of "The Ark" to the power ballads like Kyla's  classic "There Rose a Lamb."

The sound of the trio still has the drive that Deliverance  has always been known for. Barry's wife Tammy carries her share of the load with  features on four of the ten songs including the comforting song "God Will Take Care of It All," a promise that God is still in control. If you like your Gospel music pure in  message and delivery, then It Is Time from Barry Rowland & Deliverance is a must for your collection. No doubt that they are focused on their mission and are staying with what fans have come to love about this trio from Knoxville TN.

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. Congratulations on bringing Matthew Burgess onto your team. What is it about Matthew that appreciate?

You're welcome, Bro. What captivated us regarding Matthew was his discernment for true worship. Yes, he his talented, dedicated and passionate about his ministry efforts, however, his thirst for true worship and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is what we connected with - It's a God thing! When God orders it - it will work!

Q: Congratulations also to the forthcoming release of your new album "It is Time." Why did you entitle it "It is Time"?

Thank you! Short version - we're in a spiritual warfare..."It Is Time" to be about our Father's business. "Take up your sword and fight the fight!" We want to encourage Christians to take a stand on God's word and not waiver is this battle. To unite as the church, pray with and for one another - it's the only way! God's record holds undefeated!

Q: Did you approach the making of this album differently than when you were doing "The Light"?

Sure. Matthew's vocal range and delivery are slightly different, so that in itself moved us toward a different arrangement or selection of songs. Our pre-album efforts, labor and preparation were more intense than before. Ultimately, we labored in prayer - asking God for guidance and direction in choosing the songs.

Q: It must be a blessing to have your mother Kyla Rowland writing seven tracks on the record. Does she talk with the three of you about the kind of songs you like? Or does she just write and let you choose?

It is a great blessing! Mentioning my heritage and appreciation I have for my family is a very touching subject for me personally. We are beneficiaries of their dedication and labor. Do I ask for mom's guidance? You better believe it! She is very instrumental in everything we do and greatly influences our song selection and arrangements.

Q: Of the seven songs she wrote on this record, pick a couple of them and tell us why you are excited about them.

I really like, Hold Your Ground. I feel like we connected and delivered the message boldly. It doesn't hurt to have incredibly talented musicians like the Crossroads staff. Like, It Is Time, this is a "warfare" message to Christians - "Hold Your Ground...tell the enemy no!" I also enjoy the softer approach of, God Will Take Care of It All. Tammy does an excellent job with this tender ballad. It's a song of hope and encouragement - written and delivered by individuals who believe and live it. Mom wrote these lyrics based on factual experiences - not just rhyming words intended to entertain. Her songs are inspired! That's why we continue to record them.

Q: Talk to us about the other three songs not written by Kyla. What attracted you to them?

Redemption Draweth Nigh - a classic that we all enjoy. "Signs of the times are everywhere - soon Christ Jesus will descend." Most listeners will not only recognize the song, but identify with the powerful lyrics. How Long - Matthew actually chose this one. He connected with the lyrics and arrangement which refer to the book of Job and the discipline of his faith. Help Me Make It - this has been on our radar for a few years. I spoke with Vonda Easley (author) to get the story behind the song. Her mother was experiencing a very tragic illness - I just can't imagine the pain and despair. She cried out to God - Help Me Make It! God is faithful!

Q: What are your hopes for this record? How do you wish this album would impact the lives of your listeners?

My hope is that God would be pleased with our efforts. That listeners would be inspired and encouraged by the lyrics - not just listening to the tempo, vocal performance or arrangement, but open their heart to the message and be refreshed/renewed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. That God would manifest himself through the song and lead a sinner to the realization of their lost condition - compassionately moving this person to accepting Christ as their personal Savior. We pray it will reach broadly through every resource available - proclaiming the benefits, duty and preservation of faithfully trusting in Jesus Christ! 

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