Matty Mullins “Unstoppable” Album Review

Matty Mullins

Prime Cuts: Christ Be Magnified, Go the Distance,I Choose You

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Matty Mullins is a meteoric ball of energy.  From the first note to the last, this album is a gushing blast of adrenaline.  Gifted with an expressive high soaring tenor, Mullins animates each song vocally with verve as if his life depends on every syllable.  Each song not only receives a power-packed workout, but the lyrics themselves are muscularly Biblical and worshipful.  This may come as a surprise considering Matty Mullins is also the lead singer of metalcore band of Memphis May Fire.  Though Mullins has never been a secret agent for the Lord, the songs of Memphis May Fire are by no means strictly Christian.  Yet, when it comes to Mullins' solo sophomore album, he sings unwavering about Jesus.  In fact, some of these songs are so Christ-centered that they could even work as worship songs in churches.

Mullins wastes no time but jumps into the deep end with album opener "Say It All." The steely synth-electronic underpinnings of "Say It All" is immediately heated with Mullins gusto-filled vocals.  Here, the Memphis May Fire frontman takes us to task to emulate the Gospel in our lives.  Filled with lots of tweetable lines with a favorite being: "we speak louder when we show grace."  Already a hit on the Christian chart is the title cut "Unstoppable." With or without the help of Jordan Feliz, the song already has hit written all over it.  It's energetic, catchy and tailor-made for radio.  But lyrically, it's the cloudiest track on the record in terms of the perspicuity Mullins gives to Christ; the words could conterminously work as a love song or a worship song to Jesus.   

Much better in terms of expressing Mullins' love for Jesus is "Christ Be Magnified." With its Hillsong UNITED-esque build up to a stadium roaring chorus, worship leaders would do well to include this in their Sunday repertoire. You can never exhaust singing about the Cross of Jesus, "Go the Distance" is splendid addition to the canon of Cross-centered songs.  Brimming with a childlike wonder about how the Creator of the Cosmos would "go the distance" all the way to the Cross, this is the type of songs the Apostle Paul would be proud of.  Mullins' bold splash of pop intermingles with some R&B balladry with the irresistible "The Best is Yet to Come." 

"I Choose You" is the closet to what you would call a ballad.  Though Mullins starts off in his softer vocal shades but it doesn't take long before the blast of synths and percussion step in.  This is the album's strength but also its weakness too.  With 10 blasting canons firing one after another, the record can be too daunting for some.  Mullins would definitely benefit if he were to include a softer acoustic-styled ballad or two.  At least, it gives us a break to enjoy a different side of him.  Nevertheless, if you are looking for an album that gets your heart pumping with propulsive passion for Jesus, "Unstoppable" is the best choice.  


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