Rodney Douglas Jr. Talks About Being Mugged, God's Healing & His Upcoming EP

Rodney Douglas Jr

St. Louis native Rodney Douglas Jr. will be a name to remember in the Gospel Music Industry. This new young innovative singer and songwriter, has been singing for as long as he could hold a microphone. Rodney received his start serving at his home church, the Greater New Covenant Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) where his father Superintendent Rodney Douglas Sr. is Pastor. It was of course, at church where this preachers kid "PK" fell in love with music and began singing.

Rodney has been creating a buzz on the COGIC scene and around the country for the last several years. He released his first single in October 2014 entitled "All The Praise," which consisted of two songs, "I Want God" and "All The Glory." These two songs have been impacting listeners and especially reaching the young people of today.

Rodney has a heart for worship and it is clearly portrayed through his music. Although Rodney is just a young man, God has granted him an incredible amount of wisdom to minister through song and has given him a testimony to accompany it. On Halloween night in 2013, Rodney was mugged and pushed through a glass window where he fell two-stories to the unforgiving pavement. He landed on his face and was knocked unconscious. But, God spared his life and today he is 100 percent healed. His testimony has inspired many and has pushed him to a new glory in his faith.

Rodney Douglas recently signed with an up and coming entertainment house, C-Note Entertainment (St. Louis, MO) and is working on his new EP to be released later this summer. Rodney just released a new single from the upcoming project "God's Love" which is now available on all digital outlets.

With his all new single "God's Love", Rodney's sincere desire to touch every heart, inspire the mind, and stir the soul of every listener. He is a living testimony of the faithfulness of God and will not relent until the whole world hears. 

Q: Rodney, thank you for doing this interview with us. Tell us a little about yourself, how did the Lord call you to sing for Him?

First allow me to thank you for this opportunity. I was born and raised in the church, my father is the Pastor of The Greater New Covenant COGIC in the St. Louis bi-state area. I began singing at church as long as I can remember with my sisters. We would sing at church often and visit my grandfather's church and sing there as well. Throughout the years I developed a love for singing. At a certain point in my life when I gave my life to Christ, God let me know that it was so much more to singing and molded me into the passionate worshipper I am today.

Q: I was horrified when I read that you were mugged in 2013. Tell us what happened.

I went to a party on Halloween night, and after a few things transpired, I was jumped by three individuals. They tried to take my phone and other belongings and ended up pushing me through a glass window. I was on the second floor, so I went through the glass and landed face first on the concrete. I woke up and couldn't breathe. I was having a bad asthma attack along with other injuries. The devil wanted me dead. But I'm still alive completely healed!

Q: How are you now? Besides the physical injuries, how did you get over the emotional fear when something like that happened?

Right now I'm great. I had to allow God's word to come to life within me. Fear is not an attribute of the believer, therefore I had to kill off any form of it. Through prayer and God's word I found my healing and deliverance. It's amazing what God will do if you take the time to allow him to. My healing and liberty was there, I just had to receive it.

Q: What then led you to C-Note Entertainment and your forthcoming EP? How did you get to work with them?

Prior to working with c-note entertainment, I followed their business for a while. I went to all of their events and watched how they handled business. I've even sang background vocals for a few events they were working. I loved their worth ethic and their spirit. So I prayed about it, and then reached out for help. Now fast forward to today and we are working together like a well-oiled machine! I released two singles back in 2013 All the Praise and I want God. That was the start of me stepping out into ministry. Then, over the years God began to mold me and draw me closer to him. Through this process I began writing songs like crazy. Then I decided it was time to get back in the studio. Now we are on the cusp of releasing this EP and I am excited to see what God is going to do. I know C-Note is as well.

Q: Let's talk about your new single "God's love." What makes you excited about this song?

Yes! This song is my baby. God's Love is what truly drew me to him. I'm a PK (Preachers Kid) so I grew up under a microscope. We had to be examples for all that were watching, and I did not always get it right by far. I can remember so many times I literally heard the voice of God say do something and I disobeyed. I have not lived a perfect life but through everything that I did, God still loved me. He loved me through my wrong into my right. That may sound like a cliché but it is so powerful. When I could finally grasp the depths of God's Love towards me, I was in awe and I will never leave him again. So this song is just my way of describing all of that.

Q: Give us a tiny preview of your new EP. When will it be released? Who have you been working with for the record?

I'm extremely excited about this new EP! These songs are so authentic and straight from the heart. I believe this EP will truly define who I am as an artist, worshipper, and individual. I am working with Michael Whitfield who goes by (Rill). He has produced the chart topping hit "Everything's Coming Up Jesus" for Livre, Transformed by Cheneta Jones which was nominated for a stellar and so much more. I am excited to release this sound! The recording process is going great, some sessions turn into open discussions about God and pure worship. I know this will resonate throughout the record. I look to release this EP towards the end of summer\beginning of fall!

Q: Over all the ordeals you have been through, has your view of God's love changed? What does Jesus mean to you today?

Jesus is my everything! My view of God's Love has changed. I now understand that God loves me unconditionally. It is my responsibility to love him back by giving him my life. When I mess up or don't get something right, I no longer beat myself up. I repent and learn from my mistakes rather than make excuses for them. I no longer have to fall into depression or regret about something that God has forgiven. I'm also grateful that I can show this same love to everyone I encounter! 1 Peter 4:8 NIV Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

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