Grace Speaks: The Taylors Talk About their New Album "Measure of Grace"

The Taylors

On June 10th the Taylors are poised to release their StowTown Records debut album "Measure of Grace." The Taylors are a brother-sister quartet from the heart of North Carolina.  Jonathan, Suzanne, Christopher, and Leslie are dedicated to stirring up the faith of the Christian community, as well as reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ through Gospel music. The Taylors are currently performing around 200 dates a year across the United States, including several mission-oriented trips abroad. Since their formation in 2006, God has allowed them to see over 5,000 decisions for Christ. We are honored to be able to catch up with them for this Hallels' exclusive interview:

Hallels: Congratulations for winning Singing News' 2013 Favorite New Mixed Group of the Year award, how does this make you feel?

Winning New Mixed Group really surprised us because there were a lot of great new groups nominated! We were overwhelmed by the support of our fans, and we never dreamed that we would be nominated for this award - much less win!

Hallels: We are so excited about your debut record with StowTown Records, "Measure of Grace." If you can summarize this record in a sentence or two, what would you say the major theme of the album would be?

The songs we selected for this project are songs meant to encourage. We didn't just want to select songs that would make our listeners tap their feet. We chose songs that we felt would uplift and encourage our fans by reminding them of the grace of God!

Hallels: What's it like working with Wayne Haun and Ernie Haase at StowTown? How's this album different or the same as your previous records?

Wayne and Ernie are some of Gospel Music's finest artists - but more than that - they are dedicated to bringing their best to the table in everything they do. We were most impressed with the passion that they expressed throughout the whole recording process. I think our listeners will be impressed with the fact that most of the songs on this project are new! We enjoyed working with StowTown because we were able to record new material while staying true to our gospel roots!

Hallels: One of my absolute favorites from the disc is the ballad "I Tremble." Can you our readers what the song is about? How did you come to pick this song?

When Wayne sent us a demo of a song that he cowrote with Joel Lindsey, we knew it would be good! "I Tremble" quickly became a favorite of ours in the studio because it's one of those songs that can immediately take you to that place of worship where you long to feel the spirit of The Lord. It's a song that reminds us of the magnitude of God's righteousness and how humbling it is that He would allow us to enter into His presence!

Hallels: Another highlight of the record is that your mom Sandra Taylor co-wrote with Wayne Haun "I Want the World to See." What does it feel to record a song written by your mother?

Mom is a great writer! We've sung several of her songs in the past, and they've all been fan favorites. Mom has a gift for writing songs that express our testimony. She knows our ministry inside and out, and when she started to write "I Want The World To See," we knew it would convey our hearts' desire of sharing the gospel to our listeners. Wayne cowrote this song with Mom, and it's one of my favorite fast songs that we've recorded!

Hallels: What is the name of the first single released from "Measure of Grace"? Can you tell us more about the single?

Our first single will be the title track, "Measure of Grace." The first time we heard the demo, it brought tears to our eyes. The theme of the song deals with the undeserved forgiveness we receive when Jesus saves us from our past. No matter how hard we try, we will never be able to even fathom the extent of the grace of God. "Measure of Grace" reminds us that even if we could count the sands of the desert, we still couldn't come close to measuring the grace granted when we receive salvation!

Hallels: For our readers who would like to purchase "Measure of Grace" or find out more about you and your touring schedule, where can they go?

Our website is<>. Readers can go there to check out our bios, & tour schedule. "Measure of Grace" will be available at Christian retail stores worldwide, as well as digital outlets.

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