Perry Noble Plans a Comeback Five Months After Being Fired from Newspring Church

Perry Noble

Five months after being fired as senior pastor of South Carolina-based NewSpring Church due to a drinking problem and marital issues, Perry Noble is making a comeback.  The former writer and pastor is planning to set up a church and business consulting venture.

On his blog Noble writes, "After much thought, prayer and seeking godly and wise counsel I believe the Lord has clearly shown me I am supposed to step into church and business consulting." He continues:  "I've actually planted and built a great church, and really do believe that what the Lord was gracious enough to teach me in the 16 years I was at NewSpring could be used to encourage, challenge and advance the church/ministry you are wanting to see achieve its maximum potential."

Noble also revealed that at one point during his leadership at NewSpring Church, he managed 425 employees and a budget of $63 million.

As for the naysayers who feel that his comeback was a little too soon, Noble writes: "My mother died when she was 49 years old. I did the math, and I have 1,263 days until I am 49."

"What if God allowed me to live as long as my mother? I don't want to live the next 1,263 days of my life trying to win the approval of people who never believed in me in the fist place."

Perry was the former senior pastor at NewSpring Church, a megachurch located in Anderson, South Carolina. His weekly sermons were watched by over 32,000 people at 11 satellite campuses across the state of South Carolina with an additional 7,200 viewers tuned in weekly via online live stream. He has gained notability as the senior pastor at the largest church in the South Carolina Baptist Convention and second fastest-growing church in the United States 






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