Ten Years Ago, Michelle Tumes Released Her Self-Titled Album

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Ten years ago, Australian Christian songwriter and singer Michelle Tumes released her self-titled fourth studio album on Levantar/Infinity this November 14th. Her music has become popular worldwide, frequently being played on radio stations for the genre. Her style is a blend of soft acoustic pop with an ethereal element. She appeared on the Thomas Kinkade 2001 album, Music of Light, with Rob Mathes and Bill Miller. 

Michelle Tumes 

The 11-song album features titles including "Introit," "Domine," "Fair Weather," "Lovely Day," "Gypsy Heart," "Let It Rain," "Caelum Infinitum," and "Far," as well as "Hold On To Jesus," and "Break Through." On the production front, the record finds singer/songwriter Tumes not only with the producer reins in hand, but also conducting the orchestra.

Special guests that join the lineup include bassist Leeland Sklar (Phil Collins), rhythm master Vinnie Coliauta (Sting), and percussionist Bernie Dressel (Brian Setzer). Tumes also collaborated on writing "Domine" with Peter Vetesse (Annie Lennox, Jethro Tull) and wrote "Far" and "Gypsy Heart" with Stuart Brawley (Don Henley, Brandy, The Coors).

Tumes, who debuted as a new artist in 1999, recorded the album after entering a new season of life. "After the release of Dream my husband Doug and I moved to California where the climate is comparable to Australia and feels a little bit like home. I signed a publishing contract with Warner Chappell, wrote for other artists, and embarked on a musical journey that took me back to where it all began; a more classical sound that echoes my relationship with God," said Tumes.

"In the meantime, I went back to University via correspondence to help hone the craft of song writing. I feel that God has taught me courage and patience during this time, because it has seemed like each day was an adventure into the unknown from a musical perspective!" 


1. Introit

2 Domine

3 Let It Rain

4 Fair Weather

5 Far

6 Gypsy Heart

7 Lovely Day

8 Break Through

9 Yearning

10 Caelum Infinitum

11 Hold Onto Jesus 

To re-live the album, let's take a listen to a few tracks off the record:

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