The Rock Kids on the Importance of Allowing God to Work Through Our Children

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DREAM Label Group and DREAM Kids is proud to release The Rock Kids album, Shine.  The album is a collection of 10 worship songs sung by the youngest in the church lead by the team under the leadership of worship pastor, David Dirmann.  The multi-generational church hopes that these songs will bring hope, life and healing to you and your family and give your kids happiness and joy along the way.

Fans can order the 10 song album here and by texting "TRK" to 51555.  

Q:  Why did you decide to record a kids worship album?  Why is it important for children to worship?

Our kids love to worship and sing to God.  Kids are singing all the time and everywhere.  But there is nothing like Kids with pure hearts singing to God.  It can break through the hardest of hearts.   We decided to record a Kids album because we wanted to take kids songs and hearts and voices outside of our own walls and into homes and the lives of people.  There's no stopping what God can do through songs and kids.

Q:  Describe for us the children's ministry and worship at the Rock Church. 

We look at the worship ministry at The Rock as one big team all ages.  We have bands, singers, writers, artists, and more....but the thing we have in common is the simple love we have for God.  We try to teach and foster the simplicity of worship...which is, my heart connecting with God's heart.  Though we believe in giving a good performance and offering our best to God and people, we love to keep it real.  Kids music is definitely not under shadowed by Adult music.  We can see that there is something special about that Kids music that reminds under why we starting doing what we have.

Q:  What were some of the highlights for you in the making of "Shine"?

A highlight was in gathering together with young hearts and singing worship songs and watching fresh lyrics and melodies come from them.  These were then developed into original songs that we sing today. Another thing is watching the large group of singers join as one and going for.  They weren't only singing in these recording sessions, they were truly worship and having fun all at the same time.  It was beautiful!!!

Q:  Speaking of worship songs for children, how are they different from worship songs geared towards adults?

Well, though they are the same, a distinction that I can see is the simplicity and raw elements of the songs.  Almost like a kids would blurt out a statement without overthinking it, the music is like that.  It's shot straight from the over-thinking it.  Jesus said - let the children come to me, for such is the kingdom of heaven.   The kingdom is real and is to be understood with a simple heart.

Q:  Many of our readers may be serving in Sunday school or they may be parents, how do you inspire children to worship? 

An important thought is to know that you don't have to overexplain worship to Kids.  Worship is just "Love Expressed".  Kids understand love, even if it's that they don't feel loved, they understand what they feel or don't feel.  When you ask them how they know they are loved and how to show someone you love them, they will be able to tell you.  By taking what they already know and teaching them to just receive God's love then express their love back to God, you teach them how to worship. We love him because he first loved us (1 John 4:19).  That's worship.

Q:  Some of our readers may come from small churches which are often bereft of musicians and the abundance of singers, can they still utilize the songs on "Shine" for their own kids' worship? 

Yes, we do have backing tracks that we can offer to churches that don't have instruments. You can just play the CD and sing along.  Also, we love to just start out by teaching the choruses to the songs.  These can be such with no instruments or just with whatever you have.  We do provide chord charts, backing tracks or whatever you need.  Also, we are working on Videos that should be available on YouTube soon.  With these, you can just make a play list and start your worship on screen. :)

Q:  How do you wish "Shine" would encourage the churches, parents and the children who listen to it?

We want everyone who listens to SHINE to know that it truly is Jesus in our hearts that wants to shine through us into a dark world. We can talk all day about how dark or bad the world is, but that doesn't help at all.  It's SO important to keep our focus on the Light of the World, Jesus, shining IN and Through us. 

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