Vita Adam "White Horses" Album Review

Vita Adam

Prime Cuts:  White Horses, My Heart, You Come (Featuring Jeremy Fowler)

Christians have perennially made a gaffe of the Bible.  Instead of being sanctified by God's holy writ, we have (ab)used it as ammunition to fire erudite ducts at each other as a way of showcasing our own intellect at cracking the deep mysteries of God's Word.  This is particularly true of the book of Revelation.  Over the course of the church's lifespan, trees have been felled in order for academic tomes to be published.  Other than a select few chapters in the Apocalypse, Christian music have often stayed clear of this contentious book.  After all, what has worship got to do with rider on the white horse?  This is where Vita Adam comes in.   Born in Indonesia before migrating to Australia at the age of 2, Adam is one of Australia's burgeoning Christian artists.   

"White Horses" is Adam's debut full length album after her 4 charting singles and an EP "Real." The crowning value of "White Horses" is that this is a textbook example of how to think deeply about Scripture before incorporating them as worship into her songs without sounding like you have attended a Ph.D. lecture on theology. The title cut "White Horses" is a prime example.  With the song's seed thought embedded in the somehow obscure Revelation 19, "White Horses" is a worship piece where Adam allures us into the majesty of the Biblical depiction of Jesus as the rider of the white horse.  Yet, Adam never leaves us as spectators of such divine glory, she incarnates the message of Rev. 19 into our lives with stunning efficacy when sings, "Can I join as another rider?"  

Jeremy Fowler, who is the front man of the Australian group "New Empire," joins Adam on "You Come."  A keyboard driven ballad that speaks of the restoration Christ brings to our lives, the song thrives gorgeously on its gripping three dimensional lyrics: "Holding my broken pieces/Bits of broken glass, that once were windows/Picking up shreds of paper/Once were photographs, pictures of wholeness." Yet, not all the songs are vertically directed.  The sweet sounding "My Heart" is more or less a love song, while "Don't You Fear" is an encouraging ode that warmly reminds us of the preciousness of stormy-weathered friends. "Streetlights," on the other hand, finds Adam stepping on the dance floor with tightly calculated beats wrapping over an inspirational tune.  

In a time when Christian music is suffering from an overhaul of North American artists, it's a joy to hear what God is doing on the other side of the pond.  And with great thanks to the Internet, now we are able to enjoy the fruits of what God is doing in Australia at just a click on our computer screens.  Though Adam's release has yet to be scheduled in North America, but it can be easily purchased online at

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