Tommy Saint On How His New Album Will Help the Broken Live "The Life"

Tommy Saint

Newly signed pop artist Tommy Saint is proud to announce the release of his self-titled album on DREAM Records.  The Ohioan solo artist went into the studio with DREAM Label Group founder, David Hanley and captured a 10 track upbeat electronic sounding album mixed with big anthemic hooks with inspirational storytelling.

"I am so excited to share this journey together. This is the life! My album is out now! I can't wait for you to hear it!" - Tommy Saint

Fans can order the 10 song album here and by texting "Tommy" to 51555.

Q:  Tommy thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself.  Tell us a little about yourself and your journey.

A: No problem! Thanks for having me. Wow, where do I begin? I am a middle child. I have three sisters and an older brother. My job was to always keep life interesting ;) I am into kung fu movies, skateboarding, cars, videogames, comics and entertainment of every kind! I produce television and have been in a few movies. I have made a video game and wrote a live action sci-fi stage show called Endworld, Fire and Ice that is still touring. In short, I love to express myself through creativity. I love writing, producing, creating! If they didn't let me do this music thing, I would create something else. I have to create. Music is my heartbeat. It's my life force and, for me, the greatest connection to God. David spoke to God through song. I feel like there is a powerful connection to music and the spiritual realm. It is the highest form of expression to me. It invokes an emotional response that other things just can't contend with. I would wager that most of the times you are moved while watching a film, the soundtrack is doing that to you.

Q:  How would you describe your style of music?  Who are some of the artists who have had influenced you along the way?

It's hard to define a style with one word. People are simple enough on the surface but, as you get to know them, they reveal their complexities. I believe art follows that formula. My style, on the surface, is Alternative pop but as people get to know me better, more diverse tones and sounds unfold. My new release reflects that and the works to come will further that hypothesis. My music has evolved over time and continues to change with me. I used to be big into the trance thing. I was a DJ for local hip-hop groups and rapped on my first project when I was a pre-teen. I played drums for a rock band and I even did the classical thing too; my voice was a bit raspy for that, lol! I still appreciate all forms of music (Though you won't catch me listening to country when I'm whipping to the mall.) I make the kind of music I like. Early on, artists like DC Talk and Andy Hunter and John Ruben had an influence on me. Artists like Phil Collins and Michael Jackson have had their roles as well. I'm always listening to something and there is a lot of good stuff I'm hearing out there. I want to make the music someone else is being inspired by!

Q:  How did you get to work with Dream Records for this debut album?

Dream was involved in helping our worship team (Open Heaven) develop an album. I was singing and writing on the project and he and I met. Dave is an incredible individual and he and I sorta just...clicked. We are very similar and share the same heart for music and reaching people with it. We started talking shortly after working on that album. To put it simply, it was God who brought us together.

Q:  On Facebook, you mentioned that there were many obstacles leading up to the album's release, what were some of them?  And how did you overcome them?

My entire life has been a fight! I wasn't even supposed to be born. My mom had all the symptoms of a miscarriage after bug exterminators set off bug bombs with her still in the house! She went to the hospital, praying that I would live and not die. When she arrived at the hospital, a Christian doctor met her at the door and said, "This baby shall live and not die!" There have been many obstacles on my journey. I was severely bullied as a young teen and was a victim of sexual abuse. I had to face my demons. I had to overcome the shame. The year leading up to my meeting Dave, I went through some very tough times. I had gone through some very painful events in relationships of all kinds and totaled a car. I was robbed the night before I went into the studio to record for the worship project and was up all night being questioned by the police. I had nothing left and was being accused of committing the crime myself! I remember singing the worship song I wrote for that album with the deepest of conviction. I literally was crying out for help. He answered. The lyrics in my album hint at some of these struggles and encourage people to keep on going.

Q:  How will your new album help those who have had their share of brokenness too?

I know what it feels like. I know the pain. I know the heartbreak. When I tell kids they can make it, I am speaking from experience. If I am still here, you can make it! The track, "Hope Right Now," Says it best. It is a love letter to the broken and lost kids who feel like they are alone. I want people to know they don't have to feel shame. They don't have to let go. They can live the life.

Q:  On your new single, you sing about "This is the Life."  What is "the Life" for you? 

"The life," Isn't about having the fast cars and money and clothes. It's not even about a relationship with the opposite sex. Those things can bless us and are meant for us to enjoy (Only if the other person puts God first too) but real life comes from finding that place with God and him alone. Following his path for our lives is the most fulfilling thing we could ever do. I have been on a journey but God always knew where I was. I have had high times and low times. I have done things really well and I have made some really big mistakes. Now, God holds me up; not my performance...this really is the life! And I am just getting started!

Q:  For our readers who would like to know more about you, your music and touring info, where can they go?

Sure! You can look me up on insta: @Tommy_Saint

Twitter is @_Tommy_Saint

For show listings, go to

To book me HMU at

Thanks so much for the chat! I am excited to see the world change! This is the life!


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