Planetshakers Band on their Australian Roots, their New Album "Overflow" & their Impact on the World


The Dove nominated Planetshakers Band has released their new album, Overflow, to the worldwide market through Integrity Music. The project was recorded live at the Planetshakers annual spring conference in Melbourne and features 15 new, original songs that were co-written by the band, and produced by worship leader and producer for Planetshakers, Joth Hunt. Planetshakers Band will also be releasing a deluxe edition of the record that will include seven music videos from songs on the album, and the first single "I Know Who You Are," is already receiving airplay on Hot AC/CHR Christian radio stations. 

"Overflow captures a week of 'God-moments' that were recorded live from the 2016 Planetshakers conference in Melbourne Australia," explains Russell Evans, Senior Pastor, Planetshakers Church. "It was an incredible experience. On one hand there may have been 15,000 registered attendees singing praise anthems such as 'River' and 'Come Right Now,' then on the other hand there were such intimate worship moments that felt like it was just you and Jesus in the room. Our prayer is that this collection of songs blesses and uplifts your spirit and puts the focus heavenwards."

"I was honored to be at the Planetshakers Awakening Conference as Overflow was recorded, with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds laying aside differences and praising God together, singing songs inspired by and containing scripture," adds C. Ryan Dunham, President, Integrity Music. "It was a life-changing experience and one that we hope to share through the music and videos." 

Q:  Thanks for doing this interview with us.  Coming from Australia, in what ways do you think your Australian heritage bring to worship music that is unique?

Smith Wigglesworth once declared Australia to be 'The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit.' I know Holy Spirit is certainly not unique to Australia, but we here at Planetshakers love that scripture in Acts that says, 'You shall receive power when Holy Spirit comes upon you.'This would be our greatest desire in all our music, that God would use it as a vehicle for encounter.    

Q:  You release at least one and sometimes a few albums per year, are all your songs written by church members? What do you look out for in a worship song? 

We are blessed with such gifted and anointed writers within our church.  Planetshakers has an apostolic mandate to release the sound of heaven to the nations.  We love other people's music and sing different songs other than our own.  That being said, we feel there is a prophetic mantle on the song that's released from our house to release breakthrough.    

Q:  Right now your influence is international evidenced with two dove nominations this year, how does that make you feel?

Humbled and grateful that God is using what is created through encounters within our house to touch the lives of others.  More than awards or prestige, what an honor it is to play a part in helping someone have their moment with Jesus.  It's precious.  

Q:  Let's talk about your new album "Overflow."  Why was the album entitled "Overflow"?

Every year, Senior Pastor Russell Evans declares a prophetic statement over our church.  Year in and year out I have seen miracles, signs and wonders in accordance with what he declares.  It's amazing!  This year was the year of 'Overflow' so everything we write, speak/do agrees with that word.  It's not a marketing strategy.  It's prophetic and the Bible teaches us that where there's unity, there's a commanded blessing.  So, as writers, leaders, staff members, every area of our church agrees, we see supernatural faith released and see what's declared come to pass.      

Q:  This new album was recorded at the Planetshakers Awakening Conference. What were some of the highlights of the live recording for you?

Every year we are blessed with amazing speakers, but for me personally, none compare to my Senior Pastors, Russell and Sam Evans.  They are always the highlight for me.  They truly are generals of the faith and they are audacious enough to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in any situation life throws at them.  I love that!

Q: For yourself, what are a couple of songs from the record that are ministering to you now?  And why? 

"'I Know Who You Are' is one of my all-time favorite worship songs for many reasons.  This song represents worship in spirit and in truth.  It's been written with an honest and open heart and I have seen it minister powerfully to our congregations.  

Q:  What is it about the music of Planetshakers that you think is making such an impact in the world today?

I think what we contribute to the body is the celebration of Praise that leads to breakthrough. There is a celebration of praise that the church still needs to be having.  Clever lyrics are awesome.  Great production is fantastic.  But above all of that, the presence of God is what transforms a life. It's our desire to capture these moments to give people a vehicle for powerful encounter that will leave them amazed about the goodness of God.  



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