Toxic Emotion Talks About the Making of His New Album "Beautiful Randomness"

Toxic Emotion

DRÖM is proud to announce the release of the ever so talented, Toxic Emotion.  After drawing attention for some of peers for remixing Andy Mineo, Owl City and Capital Kings, he signed to a deal with DRÖM to release Beautiful Randomness.  Powerful hooks, strong melodies and amazing  electronic dance music make up this incredible album.

Q:  Thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with yourself, why do you call yourself Toxic Emotion?

I chose Toxic Emotion because at the time I was making music that had different moods. At the time I tried to make music that might pull you away from actualtoxic emotions, and I just wanted a name to reflect that. 

Q:  You started by remixing music for many artists including Capital Kings, Andy Mineo and Owl City.  How did first find your calling as a remixer?

I actually really like remixing. I listen to a lot of music and sometimes if I like it and think of what I can do with it. Then a remix comes to life.

Q:  Tell us about your journey that lead you to sign to DROM Records and your new album.

A while ago I made a remix of a song named #LITO from Press Play. They are signed to Dream Records. Drom is the electronic label of Dream. After making that remix for them I made contact with them. I liked what they did with the remix so after some time I decided to join them. By the time I had signed to Drom I had a few projects made, and those songs became the album.

Q:  How would you describe your music?

I think my music is all over the place. It kind of has a mind of its own. It can have a few different styles but at the end it will stay electronic. 

Q:  You have an unusual title for your new album "Beautiful Randomness," what does your title mean?

When I think of "Beautiful Randomness" I think of artists and paintings. For example on tv they sometimes show that an artist has made a painting that just looks like he splattered paint all over the canvas randomly but is still beautiful in its own right and is still considered art. By then I had all the songs for the album, but didn't really know how to tie them together. The songs were kind of random in a way, but the majority still sounded "pretty". Therefore he was the album is both beautiful and random. So out of that "Beautiful Randomness" was born. 

Q:  For our readers who may not have heard your new single "Can't Get Enough of You," what's the song about?  And why are they missing out?

I wanted something a little different. The whole album has some meaning to me in one way or another, but "Can't Get Enough Of You" is the only one where I involved someone else and let them take the wheel. Tristan was then brought into the picture. He then took charge in writing all the vocals on his own. I let him be free and creative. He then presented the lyrics that are in the song now. He told me that he was going through something in his life and that had inspired him to write this song. He said "I was going through something that inspired me to write it. And we wanted to share it with anybody who may be going through the same things".

Anyone who hasn't heard the song is missing out on a different style of music. With a catchy riff that good rhythm.

Q:  How do you wish your new album would impact your listeners?

I want the album to be able to just get you to just enjoy yourself. Depending on which song you listen to, just make your day. Whether you are relaxing, playing video games, being with someone else or just going through something in life. 

Q:  For our readers who want to know more about you and your music, where can they go?

People can listen for my music on iTunes: or Spotify:  

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