Debbie Paul of Southern Gospel Group the Paul Family Has Died

Paul Family

Debbie Paul, the matriarch of Southern Gospel group the Paul Family, was killed this morning in a car accident in the passed weekend.  At the time of press, we do not have other information on the nature and details of the accident. 

Debbie has sung all of her life, accepting the Lord at an early age.  The Lord has blessed her with a wonderful talent for singing and songwriting.  Her captivating powerful vocals and sincerity are clear as she puts her "all" into every song that she sings.  She writes most of the group's material and can play piano.  She has been writing gospel music for 25 years, with songs recorded by The Perrys, Gold City Qt,. The Gambills, as well as many others. 

The Paul Family is a unique gospel singing family with deep roots in gospel music.  Their first and foremost goal is to live for Christ and let others see Christ in the lives they live.  Their mission is to share the good news with others so that they too may be blessed. They sing and play Southern Gospel and Bluegrass Gospel Music. The group started in 2005 and members include Brian and Debbie Paul, their daughter, Lauren, and twin sons, Josh & Jesse.     

They have been nominated for numerous awards. They were voted 2012 SESGMC Bluegrass Artist (Southeastern Southern Gospel Conference). In 2011, they were awarded the SGM Fan Fair Award for 2011 Southern Gospel New Excelling Artist. To God Be all the Glory!

Their latest recording is an acoustical project featuring many of the classic hymns of the church, entitled 'Hymns & More'. The project is rounded out by an original song and a bluegrass instrumental.

Their previous project, "In God's Hands", included 13 original compositions, along with an instrumental hymn. This project is mostly Southern Gospel, however, the three children each contributed an original composition to this CD, with a bluegrass flavor. Radio release, "The Good Outweighs the Bad", is a favorite, along with "Leaving it in God's Hands", and "No Reason to Fear". The project, "On the Horizon", featured radio releases, "Jesus is the Reason", Angels Have Been Sent", and "See Ya Later". This CD included mostly all original material.

The group has performed all over the southeast in many churches, concerts, festivals, and area events. They have performed at the SGM Fan Fair, Branson Gospel Music Convention, Gulf Coast Convention, Southeastern Southern Gospel Music Conference, and Mississippi Quartet Convention. Their musicians have participated in the house band at several of these events. They were also invited to sing last year in Mt Airy, NC at Mayberry Days honoring The Andy Griffith Show. They have appeared in showcases at the National Quartet Convention (NQC) . Last year, they were chosen as a favorite group to participate in a showcase of the Best 20 Regional Artists of the week. Josh & Jesse have also been given the honor of playing in the past at the NQC Jam Session with several other renowned gospel musicians. They have made appearances on various television programs, including "Glory to God Television" and the "John Lanier Show".

The Pauls are active members of the Mount Holly Church in Bremen, GA where they have been attending since 1990.  Brian and Debbie are both active members of the church music program there, when their schedules permit. They both traveled extensively with Debbie's full-time family singing group, The Gambills, since their marriage in 1986.  Before that, Brian was with other groups including The Southland Boys.  Debbie started singing with her family, The Gambills, when she was five years old.


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