Boyd Bailey Discusses His New Book & How the Psalms Still Speak to Our Lives

Boyd Bailey

Boyd Bailey earned a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Seminary and is the founder of Wisdom Hunters, an Atlanta-based ministry that encourages Christians to live out God's unchanging truth in a changing world. He has just released his new book Two Minutes in the Bible Through the Psalms (Harvest House Publishers). The book explores 90 refreshing devotions, accompanied by questions to ponder, that include the following themes such as joy, peace, suffering, trust and many more. 

Q:  Congratulations on the release of "Two Minutes in the Bible Through the Psalms."  What is unique about this devotional that you have written? 

Many of the devotionals are raw and real time struggles from everyday life. For example seeking refuge in the Lord during days of stress. And how to process disappointments and receive God's forgiveness when we do sin and fail to follow His will. The format is unique with about 450 words based on a Bible verse with a couple other complimentary verses through out each writing. At the end is a practical application / prayer and related Scripture readings for deeper study. 

Q:  Why the Psalms?  What do you think is the importance of this Biblical for our daily lives? 

Around 70% of the Psalms are laments (personal sorrows and struggles), so the reader is able to relate their own heartaches to God and be honest about their challenges and disappoints.  The Psalms also discuss contrasts like how to trust the Lord when fearful. How to rest and not strive-have peace of mind and not worry. To be secure in Christ when our circumstances are shaky.  And there are wonderful worshipful Psalms that extol the beauty, glory and love of the Lord. Thanking Him, praising Him and rejoicing in Him! 

Q:  In many of your devotions you also show how each Psalm points to Jesus Christ.  Why is it important to point to Christ when we study the Old Testament? 

Yes, either directly or indirectly the best Bible study and practical application to our personal life brings us back to Jesus. Because Scriptures are His love letter to us, we are able to grow in our intimacy with Him. Love, holiness, peace, forgiveness, suffering, rejection, acceptance and trust are just a view of the attributes of Christ that are illustrated or prophesized related to Christ's life. 

Q:  This book works through many topics addressed by the Psalter.  What are some of the topics this devotion covers? 

Here is a sampling of my favorites: Peace of Mind, Chosen by God, Lips of Children, Naïve Expectations, God is Present, Love and Truth, Blessings of Forgiveness, Unanswered Prayer and Life is Short.  

Q:  Do you have a favorite Psalm yourself?  And why is it your favorite? 

Psalm 1 is hard to improve on, because of the rich imagery of a strong, healthy tree planted by the waters, while bearing fruit in its season. The picture of a life grounded in God's Word, as we think on day and night and process in our hearts what the Lord defines as His most important ideas and truths. The result: a rich life with an abundance of fruit from the Holy Spirit's fullness. 

Q:  I believe you are also the founder of Wisdom Hunters.  Tell us more about the ministry of Wisdom Hunters. 

Wisdom Hunters is a daily devotional written real time with the goal of applying unchanging truth in our changing world. I have been writing these devotionals for 13 years. Shana Schutte, a very respected devotional writer writes on Tuesdays. Tripp Prince, a gifted millennial writer is Thursdays and I write the other days. You can sign up for the free email and access other resources at You can also download the Apple or Android app or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram and Pinterest.

 Q:  What's next for you?  Do you plan on writing more devotionals in this series of "Two Minutes in the Bible"? 

Yes we have six devotional book contracts with Harvest House Publishers and we are developing two more book ideas. Three of the six books are published: Two Minutes in the Bible Through Proverbs, Two Minutes in the Bible for Men, Two Minutes in the Bible Through the Psalms. The other three titles to be released over the next 18 months are: Two Minutes in the Bible for Women, Two Minutes in the Bible With Jesus, Two Minutes in the Bible Through Revelation.


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