Jeff Treece of Sunday Drive Talks About their New Album & Sonlite Record's 30th Anniversary

Sunday Drive

Formed as the Jeff Treece Band in 1999, the band comprises of Jeff, his wife Misty, and his brother Dusty.  Over the years, Sunday Drive has not only been popular in the church and concert circuits, but they have been welcomed across RV parks and Hotrod Auto shows.  They have also played with CCM staple acts such as Big Daddy Weave, David Crowder Band, and the Oak Ridge Boys.  Teaming with Jeff Collins as producer, Sunday Drive has just released "Special Edition" on Sonlite Records.  

Q:  Congratulations on the release of your new album "Special Edition."  In what ways do you wish this new record could impact the lives of your listeners?

A: It is our hope that Special Edition will bring joy and lift the spirits of anyone who listens and also remind them that Jesus is coming soon and we need to be about The Father's business.

Q:  The album's lead single "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven" is a very historically significant song.  Can you tell us about the history and significance of this song?

A: Sonlite Records is celebrating 30 years of service and "If There's A Rocking Chair In Heaven" was their first single and first Top 40 song. It was first recorded by Cedar Ridge, (Jeff and Dusty's family) and the new recording (thanks to modern technology) includes Violet our Mother's 30 year old vocal on the last verse and chorus. Mom told me a week before she passed that she prays she will minister after she is in Heaven and it thrills my heart that it is coming to pass.

Q:  What was going through your heart and head as you were recording "If There's a Rocking Chair in Heaven" for this record?

A: Excitement that mom's dream was happening and also to hear mom's voice over studio monitors again was priceless. I heard it on the radio the other day while driving and that's when it really sunk in, that her prayer was happening.    

Q:  With Sonlite Records celebrating 30 years this year, what are some of favorite memories working with the people associated with the imprint?

A: Everyone at Crossroads is a joy to work with. We have laughed recording my funny songs and cried on others. Recording at Crossroads is a lot like Church, they open every session with Prayer. Chris White (founder of Sonlite records) is just like family to me, I have had more years with him in my life than without. 

Q:  In my review of the album, I raved about "I Was on Your Mind," it's my absolute favorite song on the record.  What inspired you to write this song?

A: "I Was on Your Mind" was one song that I cried while I was writing. I was having a tough day and worrying about things out of my control and I thought, why am I worrying about this? If He made all these things, including me, He can handle my petty problems so I just started worshiping Him for all He's done and wrote it down.   

Q:  "11:59" is also very unique, which ends with a prayer from Dr. Charles Stanley.  Tell us more about how this song came about.

A: "11:59" is an old song to me. I co-wrote some with Steve Jones in 1995 when I was writing for BMG in Nashville. I recorded it in 2005 with my band then Jeff Treece Band. When we were getting music together for Special Edition, I sent it to Jeff Collins and he said, we need to record this song again. He sent it to In Touch Ministries and Dr. Stanley was so kind to send us the closing prayer and we felt that would be a good way to close out the album.   

Q:  I also love the album's cover.  What a nice looking car.  Is that your car? 

A: That is a 1954 Cadillac Convertible, wow what a beautiful car.Because of our name, Sunday Drive and the fact that I love classic cars, I wanted to put a "Special Edition" on the cover and when we saw it, we were like YES that's it. To answer your question... NO it is not mine :(

Q:  Are you touring in support of this record, and if you are, where can our readers go to find out more about your live dates and new music?

A: Yes we have around 150-200 concerts across the USA every year and they can see our tour schedule and check us out

   Sunday Drive



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