Hillsong Worship is Planning their 2016 Worship Album Now

Hillsong Worship

Each year for the last 20 odd years, Hillsong Church has had made it their goal to release at least one live all new worship album each year.  Currently, the creative team of the Australian mega-church is already planning their 2016 release. The team has flowed in songwriters from all across the globe to write and co-write with the Australian team. This year's release will have the theme of Jesus being our light at the hub of the record.

Songwriter and worship leader Ben Fielding said, "We've been intentional about writing songs that will translate across the Church globally." From many of the Hillsong global campuses including Sydney, London, New York and Los Angeles, songs were written, re-written and constantly collaborated on in the lead up to this weeks album recording.

"The collaborations have been more through relationship this year, and it has felt less segmented. We've been writing in the studio and there would be people from three different campuses in three different countries there. Each would be representing their own congregation's unique sound, but working together to create something that will translate for all campuses."

Rich Langton, who oversees the pastoral care of the creative team in Australia, said, "The theme this year is 'let there be light'. Jesus is the light of the world and we carry that too." Ben continues, "So many songs reference that theme. Jesus is not threatened by darkness, He has no rival."


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