Australian Christian Singer Bel Thomson Welcomes Son Michael John Thomson

Bel Thomson

Australian Christian singer Bel Thomson welcomes her son Michael John Thomson on Friday 17th June 8:47pm, at 8.1 pounds (3.7kg). His name was chosen as the parents prayed about the gift of his life and our hopes for him-  Michael (a mighty warrior for God), John (a joy and delight). 

Bel writes: "His entry into the world was difficult, eventually via category 1 emergency c-section. After birth Michael needed urgent medical attention to help him breathe, and then spent his first few days in special care. We are so thankful for all of your prayers and for the amazing staff at the hospital who helped us through that difficult start. While it was very upsetting to not have our baby in our room with us to begin with, he recovered quickly, and we are so deeply grateful to have him home with us and doing well now." 

Bel and her husband Phil express their thanks to fans for their well wishes and prayers. "Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and messages of support! If we don't get back to you immediately, please just know that we appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us in this new season of becoming a family! We are thrilled to share our news with you!"

While Bel was pregnant, she wrote a beautiful song "Child of the King," which you can listen below:

Bel Thomson is an award-winning Australian Christian singer, songwriter, and speaker whose ministry takes her across the country to conferences, festivals, schools, camps, outreach events, and Christian Churches of all denominations. Just back from recording a new album in Nashville, USA, Bel is spreading her songs of encouragement across Australia and beyond. The title track from her new release "A New Creation" - a song that will touch many hearts with its theme of grace - features Paul Colman (Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, formerly in the Newsboys). On release, this song was in the top 30 songs on Christian radio in Australia for 21 weeks straight, and is being picked up by churches across the country to use in their worship services.  

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