David and Tamela Mann Were Robbed at Red Lobster

David and Tamela Mann

Gospel music artists and actors David and Tamela Mann were robbed at a Red Lobster in the East Point area of Atlanta on Tuesday. While the couple were getting seated to their table when they were informed a group of men had broke into their car.

In a post on Facebook, David says he ran outside and tried to stop the thieves, but they got away in their vehicle and left behind an Adidas shoe.

"We were so close, I could've grabbed the guy. He closed the door right before I got him, so I punched the window," David said in the video.

He says the men stole his backpack, which had a new computer and his wife's jewelry inside. They also stole the couple's IDs, credit cards, passports, and David's blood pressure meds.

"I feel so violated, for somebody to take your stuff that you work hard for, for somebody to take your stuff it is such a horrible feeling," Tamela said in the video. "We work hard for that, that's not fair, we put in time and work for our stuff. For somebody to just come and take your stuff after you done worked for it, that's horrible! I mean my feelings is crushed and I suggested to go to that place, so I feel even more horrible."

Tamela adds: "I really feel like crying, but I'm like, 'Lord I know you have something great in store for me.' I heard my own song, 'God Provides' and I almost cried because I know God is going to provide."

David chimed in, " I want the Lord to save them and convict their heart so they can come back and say, 'You know what, I can't even do anything with this and they dump it back off where they got it."

Although greatly troubled by their experience, the Manns posted the video about what happened to them to show others that they too, even after almost 30 years of marriage and very successful careers, go through troubles.

"Thank you for hurting with us and praying for us, and we're praying for ya too that the Lord just cover us all because people are just evil and doing all kind of crazy stuff for no reason. We do have to stay in prayer. It's just terrible that we're living in a time that we need God for every moment," Tamela concluded.

According to WSB-TV, East point police believe the suspects are young men and part of the same group responsible for a string of break-ins.


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