Urban Rescue Chats About Rend Collective, Their Album & Being Hydrated

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Urban Rescue is a revival band from Los Angeles and the first ever act signed to Rend Family Records - a partnership between Irish worship band Rend Collective and Capitol Christian Music Group. Fronted by Jordan Frye, Urban Rescue is on mission to inspire the next generation of believers to see their churches, communities and cities awakened by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With an untamed passion for worship emerging from pain and trials, the band has a heart to see broken cities and lives restored. Urban Rescue is currently on the As Family We Go Tour: Part 1 alongside Rend Collective, bringing music to fans across the US and UK. Urban Rescue's first full-length album with Rend Family Records, Wild Heart, is available now. 

Q: Your EP was very well received, now you are following it up with a full-length album. How does this new album add to the EP?  

The wild heart of God is infinitely multi-dimensional. That means for every new angle and perspective we discover, we unveil a thousand more revelations of His unending love. The full-length album of Wild Heart explores more of the majesty of God with "Magnificent," the fathering qualities of God with "Song of My Father," the Sovereignty of God with "Alive In You," and even the restorative, healing nature of God in "Up From the Ashes." Musically, we wanted to reflect those dimensions as well, so we really tried to push the sonic boundaries on the full-length and tell more of a complete story. 

Q: Briefly tell us - who is Urban Rescue? 

Urban Rescue is a worship project I started with my friends in college. I was leading worship for chapel and various camps around Southern California, and it sort of became this intense calling, this passion I couldn't set aside. I tried working "real" jobs, but the Spirit just kept pulling me towards music, leading me into unknown places. Looking back, I can see God's hand moving through each season, preparing me to share the Gospel in ways I never dreamt.  

Q: Why did you pick the name "Urban Rescue?" 

Urban Rescue literally means, "to set free the city life." We believe Jesus is in the business of setting people free. We're also passionate to see transformational revival not only here in Los Angeles, but in cities everywhere around the world.  

Q: Wild Heart is the first album you are working with Rend Family Records. How did you come to work with Rend Collective?   

Rend began listening to our first self-titled EP in 2009. Oddly enough, we were listening to them as well and were big fans from afar. At one point we actually met at a youth conference in San Diego and it was this immediate friendship - as if we'd already been doing ministry together for a long time. It was amazing to visit the UK with them this year and witness first hand the impact they're making on the world. I continue to be awe-inspired by Rend - their heart for God, community, and the Church.  

Q:  What are you most excited about this new record? 

I just love these songs. We chiseled the songs down from about 200 over the past two years, and this collection, Wild Heart, is something I couldn't be more excited to share with the Church. I deeply believe there are songs on this album that people need to hear, aspects of God's love they haven't considered, postures of worship they've yet to participate in. Once we realize we're made in the image of a wild God, we become reborn. The first song is probably my favorite at the moment because it literally echoes Paul's ancient words, "It's now no longer I who live, but Christ who lives within me..." That's a biblical truth people need to shout, regardless of what season, triumph or pain they're going through. I'm most excited to hear the people of God shout timeless words like that! 

Q:  What can our readers expect when they come to see you live? 

It's gonna be a party. We're gonna dance. Make sure you stretch and drink lots of water. Hydration is key. But more than just a good time, come expectant for the Holy Spirit to move mightily. Our calling is provide that space, then it's His job to do the healing, restorative, powerful work - only He can do. 


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