Chad and Carey Hayes, Writers of the Movie "Conjuring 2," Talk About the Power of Good Over Evil

Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 releases in theaters June 10. The movie deals with the theme of God conquering evil. In a world where we are now bombarded by multiple messages in pop culture about how you should live your life -- we often forget the evil that lurks around us. It may not be in the form of the supernatural but it enters into our lives through work and home and we often forget the importance of leaning on our Lord to help us through troubled times or to guide us when we are unsure which path we should be taking.

As Christians, we understand the biblical truth and dangers of the supernatural, but with an increasingly secular world, we rarely discuss the many faces of evil, and the ways people - especially teens and young adults - may unintentionally open the door and themselves to the supernatural.

This sequel was written by Christians Chad and Carey Hayes.  It raises huge discussion opportunities on the nature of evil and the importance of faith. 

Q:  Congratulations on the release of "The Conjuring 2."  To start the ball rolling, what is this new movie about?

This film is about good conquering evil, and how just one person can make a difference.

Q: What are some of the issues you would want viewers to start talking about after watching this movie?

Where are they with God?  Do they know of someone going down the wrong path, who won't have the spiritual faith to fight back, or perhaps even know it's the wrong path?  How can you make a difference in someone else's life?  Is my marriage as strong as Ed and Lorraine's?  If not, will I attempt to fix it?  And wow, prayer works!

Q: What inspired you to write this inspirational thriller?

We love TRUE STORIES that our audiences can research.  It just makes them even more truthful.  The Warrens inspired us, as they were really on their own way back then, and their only weapon against the demonic was their faith.  We just found them to be so compelling, and having helped so many people in the course of their lives, it was just something we wanted to get involved in, and began to investigate their lives, eventually meeting up with Lorraine (Ed passed away a number of years ago), which just added fuel to our fire, as she's such an AMAZING person.

Q:  Who is your target audience as far as this movie goers?  Christians as well as non-believers? 

We are so fortunate in the first film, as we crossed over to both sides! We didn't set out to write a religious film, in The Conjuring or Conjuring 2.   We were just blessed to have our two leads be believers, so their faith was unfolded in the story, but throughout, there was no preaching involved, just the Warrens walking the walk.  Leading by example.  Over all, people are going to be surprised on how much of a love story the second film turned out to be!  We'd love to find out it's a date-night movie!!

Q:  Personally, has there been a time in your life where you felt the presence of evil?  How did you rely on God to overcome evil?

Yes!  While on the phone with Lorraine, doing research on the first film, voices would begin to murmur over the phone line and get louder and louder.  Lorraine would tell us to remember what we were talking about, as that's what the interference was about, and then would begin to pray in the name of Jesus for the voices to go away, and they would.  It actually happened a number of times.

Q:  What's next for you after "The Conjuring 2"?

We're beginning production on a film for Amblin/Universal called "Haunted", loosely based on the Henry James novel Turn of the Screw with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directing, and writing the pilot for an Amazon Television Series, based on the true story of the Exorcist.  We also have a film coming out next year called THE CRUCIFIXTION, which is based on another true story that took place in Romania, where a nun was actually demonized, and allegedly died during an Exorcism.  It was very controversial over there, as the Priest and four nuns were thrown in prison, but later released as there turned out to be two sides to the story.  Xavier Gens directed it.  We're producing it with Peter Safran, one of our producers from the Conjuring films.



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