Jon Bauer Chronicles His Healing Journey Via His New Album "The Light in Us"

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The Light In Us, the highly anticipated seventh studio recording from JUNO® Award-nominated and multi Covenant Award-winning worship artist and singer/songwriter Jon Bauer, is set to bow June 10 at iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play. Produced by GRAMMY®-nominated, Dove Award-winner Rusty Varenkamp (Building 429, Meredith Andrews) and mixed by GRAMMY® and Dove Award-winner Ainslie Grosser (Rend Collective, Casting Crowns), the project features 10 selections, all co-penned by Bauer. 

Q: Thanks Jon for availing your time to do this interview with us.  Congratulations on the release of your new album "The Light in Us."  In Your press release, you have described this album as your healing journey.  Can you explain to us what you mean by that? 

During the last two years while on tour, our family began to experience health problems, both physically and emotionally. At times my wife and I often wondered where God was in the midst of our need. He did not seem to be answering our cries to Him. Through it all I continually sensed Gods persistent whisper to my heart saying - "Trust in my faithfulness - for I am good, I will never leave you or forsake you."  

Each day we rested on the faithfulness of God.  Each day, little by little, He brought healing - in His time...not ours.  This album has evolved from a journey of healing, with themes of rest and trust in God's steadfast love.  My prayer is that others who are facing trials, are able to use these songs as a cry to God in the midst of pain, frustration, and even tears. 

Q:  With the album produced by GRAMMY®-nominated, Dove Award-winner Rusty Varenkamp (Building 429, Meredith Andrews) and mixed by GRAMMY® and Dove Award-winner Ainslie Grosser (Rend Collective, Casting Crowns), how did you get to work with them?  And what did they bring to the record that you appreciate?   

Almost seven years ago, Rusty and I started a journey together as he produced and we co-wrote many songs for my album Forevermore (2010).  He strongly believed in the ministry that God had called me to.  Now, three albums later and over 20 songs co-written together- I am so blessed that God brought us together.  I am a big fan of this guy.  Rusty brought much to this album from co-writing, to countless hours in production.  He wanted to ensure that the songs we wrote, reflected the emotion and new sound of an album that I had not shared before.  After the project was produced we collaborated together - who would be the right mixer to complete this project?  Rusty was connected with Ainslie and felt he was the right guy for this project.  I was honored that Ainslie took on the project in the midst of all he is involved in. He spent so much working time to see that the songs came together the way they  were intended to be heard.   

Q:  I believe you co-wrote all the songs on this new record.  Who were some of your co-writers?  Is there any interesting story that transpired as you were writing with your co-writers?  

Rusty and I have developed a unique friendship and co-writing relationship.  All of these songs were written together at various times over the last 3 years journey.   Sometimes, as you work together, you are both stumped for the right word or expression, and you need to find a diversion to get back on track or sometimes get you side-tracked.  This happened one day during one of our co-writes when I saw a hornet's nest hanging from the roof of his studio where we were writing.  Like any guy, what do you look for something to throw at it.  We found bean bags and it turned into a game of who could hit the nest down without getting stung. Rusty won that one. :( 

Q:  Being a worship leader yourself, did you intend the songs on this album to be sung in churches?  Have you led these songs in church yet?   

This album is more of a pop/contemporary album, but it has some very effective worship tracks on it.  "Great is Your Faithfulness" is a full on worship song that I have used regularly at churches and it has been received well.  Other songs on the album have been shared in churches including Say Something, Come Alive and Light in Us, but they would be shared more as feature songs in the service. 

Q: Let's talk about your new single "Say Something."  What's the song about?  Why are you excited about this song? 

The song was written in a dark moment in our family life as we experienced a suicide within our extended family.  In moments like this with so many questions and "what if's", all we could do was ask Jesus to say something to the family in this unbelievably broken time.  In the Bible we often read of God's servants crying out to Him to show up and to say something in the most difficult times.  This was one of those times when all we could do was to cry out to God to say something to calm our broken hearts. 

Q:  Speaking of hearing from God, what has the Lord been teaching you lately through your own life? 

God has been teaching me over the last few years to rest and trust in His faithfulness.  Jesus reminds me daily "In this world we will have problems .... but He has overcome the world."  My prayer daily is to walk closely with Jesus through prayer and hearing from God through His word. 

Q:  I believe you have a very active and busy touring schedule.  Where can our readers learn about your tour dates and venues?  

There a few different sources but probably the best place is to go to and from there you can find my facebook, twitter and youtube accounts. 



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