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Robin Covington and singing are synonymous.  The unparalleled delivery of the Chicago native has blessed and stirred audiences around the country for years .  Her love for God and music positioned her at the right place in time to join her childhood friend Ricky Dillard in the organization of what would become the world renown Ricky Dillard and the New Generation Chorale.  The sheer conviction and sincerity of her powerful witness is evidenced as she testifies in song, through tears and sorrows, pain and heartache, she has learned to unequivocally and without any hesitation place her complete trust in God.   Through It All has become both a song of  praise and a point of reflection.

The anointed songbird sums up her life experiences as such, "when the songwriters wrote God has been good to ME and there's a story behind my praise, someone was thinking about me" , she says with laughter.  My God, I realized that I have been blessed.  "God gave this little girl with a big voice a huge opportunity to sing his praises, and I don't take that opportunity lightly, and when you come to full realization that God doesn't have to use you, he could have used ANYBODY else to carry out his work, you lose your sense of entitlement, bask in His grace and appreciate each experience more and more.  I owe God this and so much more."

June marks the month that Robin Covington steps into position to show God her appreciation in the capacity of a solo artist.  "I have felt the impression in my spirit that its been time to do this, but I have lived with apprehension and fear for so long.  The Lord had to tell me Robin, I have equipped you for this, I have prepared you for this, many of the life experiences that you have endured were getting you ready for this moment. After that, there was nothing else to say but Yes Lord."

Her Melodies of My Heart concert takes place on Saturday, June 11th at her home church, the New Covenant Baptist Church in Chicago while she continues work on her debut solo project with a release date scheduled for early Fall of 2016.

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