V. Rose Offers a Revealing Interview About Her Brother's Imprisonment, Hillsong Y&F & Her New Album

V. Rose

A formidable female-fusion of modern pop unlike anything else Christian music has to offer is Inpop's latest prodigy, pop artist V.Rose. This vibrant young artist is making a splash with her debut release Young Dangerous Heart set to hit shelves and digital markets April 22.  The 13-track album is a sonic blast collection that is packed tight with power-pop grooves fueled by forgiveness, informed by truth; an empowering reminder for the younger generation who may be struggling to find themselves.  

Q: Thank you for doing this interview with us.  Let's start with your own journey.  Tell us a little about your earlier life and how you came to know the Lord.

V: Absolutely! I grew up in Sacramento; we went to church every day even on Saturdays. I sang in the choir from 4-16 years old. I loved music just like my mom. When I was 16, I was a part of a singing duo with my best friend at the time. During a church service on a Wednesday night my mom asked me to come up and sing something on the spot, by myself. I remember being so mad as I was walking up there to sing. I did not want to sing anything but my own "cool" songs. Standing up there, I had no choice but to surrender my heart to the Lord and humble myself. That moment God changed my heart. I no longer wanted any of the glory for myself, my eyes were opened and I have been living for God whole heartedly ever since.

Q:  Also miraculous is the way your own brother came to know Christ before he went to prison.  Tell us more about him and how he came to Christ.

V: My oldest brother is 7 years older than me. I looked up to him the most, which is why I was always so afraid to tell him about Jesus. I knew he grew up just like I did learning about the gospel but I also knew that his eyes were not opened like mine were to the beauty of the Gospel. He was very cold talking about God and he would tell anyone that he wanted nothing to do with Him. A few years ago, my brother was on the run from the FBI and I was on tour somewhere in the Midwest. I remember staying up at night and praying for him and pleading with God to give me another chance to witness to him. I was afraid and no one knew where he was.

He eventually got caught and sent to county jail. While awaiting trial I found out that I could email him and the jail would print out my email once a day and deliver it to him. So every night I sat up and asked God to give me the words to say and the scriptures to write. I prayed for God to open his eyes like he did my own. I remember specifically writing and telling him about God's grace and how without a relationship with Jesus we can never be good enough for God. A few days go by and I get a collect call from my brother crying and saying, "I just called to tell you that I confess that Jesus is my Lord and Savior". I got off the phone crying too and praising God. It was almost surreal.

Q:  How has your past helped you to become a better worshipper and singer before our Lord?

V: Growing up I had 5 brothers I have 6 now, and I am the only girl. We were very sheltered and it was not easy. My parents divorced when I was 6 and it was really hard for me to navigate that. I turned to writing songs at 8 years old. I was home schooled from middle school to high school so I was home all the time writing songs, singing and practicing. I always talked to God. I knew that no matter what was happening in the world around me that God was going to take care of me, love me and it was going to be okay. I know that what I have been through has made me stronger. It taught me to rely on God and because of that I have a true relationship with Him. Worship to me is opening my heart and outwardly extending the love and appreciation inside that I have for God.  

Q:  Let's talk about your new album "Young Dangerous Heart ."  Why did you entitle the album "Young Dangerous Heart"?

V: I always write from personal experience and with this album I wanted to share my experience with finding myself and use that to encourage others who are on that same venture. I know there are so may influences around us and our heart can be torn on which way to follow but ultimately it's God who knows who we are and who He made us to be and we must follow Him against all odds.

Q:  This, I believe, is your debut album with Inpop Records.  Why did you choose to work with them?  And how is this new record different from your previous releases?

V: Yes, This is my debut with Inpop and I love them! When I met them they told me that they really were looking for artists to partner with and I really liked that because I have all the opinions about my artistry so who better to be helping make decisions, I thought. It has been so amazing working with my label so far they work really hard and I know that they care about me as a person and as an artist and that is important to me.

With every album my hope is to grow not only as a singer but as a writer and performer. Also with this album I really feel like I embraced who I am and what my style is and I even went back and rewrote melody parts to make sure I was staying true to that.

Q:  I absolutely love your version of Hillsong Young and Free's "Sinking Deep."  Of all the worship songs out there, why did you choose to rend your version of this worship piece?

V: Behind every amazing artist is and an every more amazing team. My team brought the song to me to see if I could hear myself singing that song and interpreting it and I fell in love with the it and I was honored at the opportunity to cover a Hillsong Y&F song!

Q:  What are you most excited about in the making of this new record?

V: I can't wait to perform the new songs! I already started rehearsals and I am so excited to hit the road with new material.

Q: How do you hope this new album will impact the lives of believers and nonbelievers out there?

VMy hope is that whoever hears this album will be drawn to God and his love and that no matter where they are in their life they can know that there has always been a plan for them and there is still time to find out what that is.


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