Alex Sprinkle Releases "Anthem (Remix)"

Alex Sprinkle

Singer and songwrter Alex Sprinkle has just released her brand new album "Anthem (Remix)." The new album features 10 new songs coming from Sprinkle. 

Sprinkle shares a trait common to so many other great and gifted singers and songwriters... roots in the church and church singing. Her earliest memories of singing were in her home church, where she "debuted" at the age of four. She began writing her own songs in the fourth grade and still has the notebook of "Silly Songs by Alex" to prove it. While enjoying a wide variety of musical styles from CCM to Indie pop/folk. Her approach to writing her own songs, no matter the style, share equal parts: life experiences and thoughts she wants to share with others.

Sprinkle is a triplet; her brother and sister are very supportive of her music career and excited to see where she goes with it all. When she is not singing or in school, she loves anything outdoors - camping, kayaking, enoing, hiking , running cross-country and playing soccer.

Alex Sprinkle sees her singing and songwriting as an act of worship and a ministry to remind people they are not alone in this life. 

To date she has performed at Resurrection Youth conference, The Go On Tour, Youth 2015, Revolution Conference and others. Alex is accepting fall dates in support of her June 2015 CD release, "Anthem: Remix". Her concerts feature a time of worship, stories of her life, and her original songs. 

Alex Sprinkle - Anthem (Remix) (2016) 


01. Who We Are
02. On the Horizon
03. Little White Lies
04. Bitter Sweet
05. My Heart Breaks
06. Little Things
07. Headstrong
08. We Can
09. Transformed
10. Silence 




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