David Blakely Offers His Interpretations of "The Hymnal"

David Blakely

Gospel music singer, choir director, and songwriter David Blakely has recently released The Hymnal (My Interpretation). On Friday, January 22nd, members of the Gospel Music community gathered at the Valley Bible Fellowship Church in Las Vegas for a concert celebrating the CD's release. Joining the maestro for the evening of unforgettable music were Worship Pastor Giloh Morgan, KurtCarr Singers' Nikki Potts and Lena Byrd Miles. 

"The Hymnal", which is his interpretation of the hymns we all have grown to love was recorded live. The night was filled with powerful arrangements and riveting vocals, a night to remember indeed. He also invited some of his friends to lead the songs, in the likes of Le'Andria Johnson who led the hymn "What A Friend We Have in Jesus." Nikki Potts presented "Yes God Is Real", Zacardi Cortez putting his signature vocal stamp on "Sweet Holy Spirit", the legendary LaShun Pace singing "The Lord Will Make A Way", and Giloh Morgan of Champion Center Las Vegas giving us a new cultural experience on "Pass Me Not." 

Now that the recording is finished, we want to focus on phase two of this venture, which is transcribing the maestro David Blakely's interpretation of the hymns into a hymn book. Yes there are a lot of hymn books on the market, but there are no hymn books that capture every age group and that engages you in an exciting way. In essence this book will be a must have for all churches and it will give the younger generation of musicians an alternative to learning hymns in a fun and exciting way. 

David Blakely has been central figure in music for more than two decades, having worked with the industry's top artists including Edwinand Walter Hawkins, Dr. Bobby Jones, Gladys Knight, Natalie Cole,Dorinda Clark Cole, LaShun Pace, Sue Roseberry, Kurt Carr, LeAndriaJohnson, The Pace Sisters, Mississippi Mass Choir, Rev. James Moore,Las Vegas Mass Choir, COGIC International Mass Choir and a host ofothers. Now this decorated and well respected musician, songwriter,producer and music director takes center stage with the release of his debut project The Hymnal (My Interpretation).

Blakely has seen and experienced the power of music. "Music can transcend personal, social, and cultural boundaries. I am humbled that God chose me to bring unity, love, and joy through each instrumental and lyrical interpretation. At the end of the day, if I helped introduce someone to Christ or lifted them from whatever may be going on in life through the music God has birthed out of me, my labor is NOT in Vain" 

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