Rory Feek Finds Writing on His Blog "Therapeutic"

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Ever since January 2014, when Joey Feek was pregnant with their daughter Indiana, Rory Feek has been blogging.  The blog has been an open diary for Rory as he chronicles his joys, pains, and observations in life.  However, his blog took on a therapeutic turn when his wife Joey contracted Stage IV cervical cancer. As Joey has been battling terminal cancer Rory has been sharing the pair's inspiring journey on his blog, This Life I Live

 "I am a songwriter who hasn't been writing songs in the last couple of years, so sitting down and writing these stories about our lives has been a wonderful creative outlet for me," Rory Feek tells People.

"Each blog post has also been therapeutic for me, in the sense that there are some parts of what we're going through that I'm not sure what to make of. Writing about it helps me to sort out what I feel and how to respond to the twists and turns that life has taken us on."  

But the blog not only allowed Rory to write about Joey's sickness and how they have worked through it.  The blog also gave Roey opportunities for him to take precious photos of Joey and their daughter Indiana, giving him a treasury of photos to leave behind. 

"Without realizing I was doing it, God has allowed me to capture hours and hours of Joey and her life at home on the farm, raising Indiana and playing music," explains Rory. "I can't help but believe that those clips will be an important part of keeping Joey's memory alive in Indy's heart."  

You can see many of Rory's pictures and blog writings in the booklet of Joey and Rory Feek's new album Hymns That Are Important to Us

"I want This Life I Live to matter," writes Rory in the personal project, which will be available at Cracker Barrel on Feb. 12. "To not look back and wish that I had done something different. To dream incredible dreams and risk being a fool for something that I believe in. To say something or create something that can make a difference in someone's life, including mine." 

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