13.5 Million Fans Prayed for Natalie Grant's Sick Daughter

Natalie Grant

After a few days of posting on Facebook that her daughter has had a collapsed lung and was in an intensive care unit, 13.5 million fans offered to pray for Natalie Grant's daughter Gracie.  The contemporary Christian music artist is overwhelmed and grateful for all who prayed for her daughter and her family. 

She writes:  "Literally millions of you have approached God's throne right along with me on behalf of my Gracie in the last few days. At last check, the reach on the posts asking for prayer was at 13.5 MILLION PEOPLE. Mind blowing. Truly. And that's because you shared and asked for prayer in your own circles. The encouragement this has been to our family is deeper than words can express. We have felt so incredibly loved and carried these last few days. Thank you." 

Always a firm believer in prayer, Grant expresses her confidence in God again as she confesses:  "Let's continue with this same type of boldness - coming to the throne of God with CONFIDENCE on behalf of our families, marriages, communities...lets pray for our pastors in this way. For our leaders in this way. For our children in this way.Prayer. Works."

Gracie, according to her mother, is recovering.  Though she's still in intensive care, she's slowly regaining back her health.  "Our girl has made MIRACULOUS improvements overnight!!! One of my specific prayer requests was that her spO2 levels would increase - they were steadily hovering around 85-88% and that was WITH the help of oxygen. Now the level is at 95% and she no longer needs oxygen. The tube is gone! Believing it will be at 100% soon. Her lungs are continuing to open up - continue to pray as she fights the pneumonia & RSV. The color is back in her cheeks and she just ate a good breakfast. God is good. Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers. Hoping and praying we can say goodbye to the ICU today."

Responding to Grant's message is worship leader Don Moen who assures Grant of his prayers: "Great! Will continue praying for full and complete recovery!"

Earlier, Grant writes: "My daughter Gracie has pneumonia, a partial collapsed lung and is in respiratory distress. We would so appreciate your prayers."

Later, she updates us of her daughter's condition: "I am overwhelmed by all of your prayers and love for my Gracie-girl. She's still in the ICU with pneumonia, RSV and partial collapsed lung, and all of this sent her asthma in to overdrive. She's exhausted, I'm exhausted but we know that God is completely in control, and we have peace in the midst of chaos. A few hours ago, Gracie's breathing finally started showing signs of improvement!!! So thank you for your continued prayers."  



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