Switchfoot Readies New Album for 2016

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Switchfoot fans are in a threat come 2016.  The contemporary Christian pop-rock band is gearing up to release their tenth album in July, 2016. The announcement came as the band unveils their first ever Summer Getaway.  

"When we think back to our most memorable travel experiences as a band, we think of the people, the places and the adventures we have shared together. So we've put together an itinerary that will give us some time to personally show you around our hometown and also give you a VIP experience to our Record Release Party, Concert, and Special Events that week," the band shared.

The week is set to be jam packed with activities, including: a sunset dinner cruise and record release concert on the Hornblower Yacht, private surf lessons with the band, brunch on the beach, an album cover style photo shoot with Switchfoot, a private studio tour, a bonfire and s'mores sing along, and much more.

Lead vocalist Jon Foreman told, "On September 1st, 2nd and 3rd, we're going to have our meetings down in San Diego in the studio, discussing what it'll look like. We've got so many songs! We've been kind of stockpiling songs over the last year... or two. And writing. We're trying to approach this one completely different. I mean, again, we've had the privilege of making nine records. So for this record, you really want to find something--not just for other people to listen to--but for your own sake to celebrate the journey. We want to find something new."

As far as the new album is concerned, Foreman adds, "Most of the songs have started from me with an acoustic guitar. We've dabbled with bass and drums in the past, but this round, we've been kind of doing an approach where we'll sit in the studio and spend all day writing songs in like a 15-20 minute block. So all of us, while playing our instruments, will work on a song, an idea, a spark--no lyrics, just melodies and a beat. Just a vibe, y'know? And at the end of that, we start something new. So at the end of the day, we've got like 20 or 30 what we call "seeds" and then you pick your favorite seeds and that's when you start *laughs* watering them and see if they can turn into a tree. That's where you add the lyrics and kind of the structure to the song. So it's been really rewarding so far. It's basically the equivalent of throwing paint on the wall and seeing what happens. Yeah, it's been a blast!"

To learn more about the Summer Getaway including a special New Year's Eve price discount, visit


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