Redemption's Winess Releases Worship Album

Redemption's winess

Redemption's Witness has just released their debut Christian album. With a refreshing contemporary pop/rock song, this 8-track album offers messages of hope and grace rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Redemption's Witness is Tony Mosti on Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Robin Keagle on Background Vocals, Tom Engelhardt on Keys, Acoustic Guitar, Uke, and Mandolin, Jonathan Dobson on Drums, William (Woody) Woodworth on Bass Guitar, and Mason Bundschuh on Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo and Uke. 

According to lead vocalist Mosti:  "The album is about grace, mercy and love...the things that have gotten me through all of the nightmares "this world" has thrown at me, and I'm guessing, probably at you too!  I've struggled with addictions, like many others, and I only came through it with His help. In Jan 2009, I was cleansed of my gambling and smoking addictions and finally felt clean by being baptized and washed in the blood of the Lamb. What a miracle!! I cannot express the gratitude I still feel towards my Savior for that. Yet another reason to praise! I'm far from perfect. I still fall, but I get back up again and as long as I have breath, I'll continue to worship Him. My worship comes best through song and I felt a nudge that it was time to assemble a group of people to make His music."

They have desceibed their sound as a mix between rock, pop, country and island.  Preceding the album is the band's lead single and video "Hold On," a song that offers hope to those who are downtrodden.   

According to Mosti, the making of the album was truly a labor of love that encompasses the support of many. "We're fortunate to be able to come together and feel like a band that has the ability to create something worthy of our listeners' expectations and hopefully pleases GOD!. On a personal note: I am also deeply grateful to the people who've pushed me through these last few years in faith, letting me know that it's time to sing for Him, not just an audience! So here we are. For those of you who asked for a Christian record, and those of you who we are just meeting here, we hope you enjoy REDEMPTION'S WITNESS!!"


1. This World
2. Hold On
3. One and Only
4. Gift from God
5. Always
6. My Priorities
7. Hope Is Here
8. Praise You 

The CD is available Worldwide now! If you want just a download of the entire album and MP3 files for your digital device, then click the button that says " Pre-Order album Download 9.99"If you want a physical CD shipped to your address, then click the button that says " CD + Download 12.99 ". To purchase the album, simply click here.

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