Help NEEDTOBREATHE Build a Clinic in Nicaragua


NEEDTOBREATHE not only sings about being a "brother," but they actually live out what they sing.  Over the last three years, this Christian band has been offering financial aid to bring healthcare to East Africa and Central America.  They have had partnered with Palmetto Medical Initiative (PMI) toaccomplish such a worthy cause. This year alone, the band has raised over $225,000 for PMI through proceeds from concert tickets and the annual NEEDTOBREATHE Classic and associated auction in Charleston, SC.

Now, NEEDTOBREATHE is asking fans for support.  You can be part of this worthy cause this Christmas and join in to raise an addition $25,000 to open the first ever NEEDTOBREATHE Clinic in Tola, Nicaragua. The establishment of a well-equipped, low-cost primary care clinic with lab, pharmacy, imaging, specialist availability, and even dental care is an excellent opportunity to impact the level of health care access in the region. MI's NEEDTOBREATHE Tola Clinic will be situated directly on the main public transit route, a few meters off the road and a block between City Hall and the main city park. People from all over the county's rural and semi-urban areas pass by this location on a regular basis, coming and going for business and government access. 

When you donate $5 to PMI, you'll receieve a free download of a never released song titled "On Your Side" from NEEDTOBREATHE featuring John Mark McMillan.

PMI is a non-profit based in Charleston, SC that is revolutionizing the approach to medical intervention in the developing world by moving beyond relief to achieve long-term improvements in health. In a world where nearly half the population lives on less than $2 per day (Source: UN, 2013), socialized healthcare systems are overcrowded, poorly equipped, and underfunded. PMI is bridging the gap between ineffective, socialized care and unaffordable, private care. By creating sustainable medical centers that offer low-cost services, PMI is able to increase accessibility to high-quality healthcare and empower communities for a healthy tomorrow.

To learn more about PMI and to donate today, visit



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