Stu G Releases His 20 Years Old EP "Have You Heard"

Stu G

Stu G (founding member of Delirious? and One Sonic Society, as well as current touring guitarist for Michael W. Smith) has re-released an EP he recorded 20 years ago, together with a few new tracks. Have You Heard is released on Stugiology Music through The Fuel Music distribution.

Available now on and digital retailers everywhere, this completely remastered, 20th anniversary edition of the album first recorded in 1995 pre-dates Stu's work with Delirious? and features every member of the original Delirious? lineup.

Stu G in an exclusive interview with us tells us how the album came about: "We originally recorded these songs before Delirious? was officially a band and during the "Cutting Edge" Years. I had some of the songs since about '91 and Martin, Tim and Stew wanted to help me get these recorded and available at the Cutting Edge events. 

The song "Have You Heard" got recorded by Noel Richards and then Delirious? went on to record "Come Like You Promise" and "Absolute."" 

So, why did Stu G decide to release this record now?  "Well, I just thought it would be fun. I had a conversation with my manager, Tony Patoto, and we thought we'd look at what it would take to pull it off. It took a little work actually, as along the way I lost the stereo master, so I had to find someone with a Tascam MSR 24 track 1" machine to transfer the multitrack to the digital domain. I found a company in New Jersey and once that was done, I handed it to Shane D Wilson to remix. Martin Smith is a talented producer and engineer! Once we got the files to Shane, we were all amazed at how good the tracks sounded 20 years later." 

Have You Heard 2015 captures the youthful energy and passion of Stu G, Martin Smith, Tim Jupp, Stew Smith and Jon Thatcher before they were known as Delirious?, the band widely credited with founding the modern worship movement and touring the world several times over before disbanding in 2009.

"Beyond all the nostalgia of going back and rediscovering this music that pre-dated Delirious?, it's remarkable how well these songs have held up to the test of time," says Tony Patoto, who managed Delirious? before starting The Fuel Music in 2008. "Stu G has uncovered an extraordinary album that will shine like new once again for every Delirious? fan and fans of modern worship."
In addition to the tracks recorded in 1995, Have You Heard 2015 also features two "reinvented" songs from the original tracks that were re-recorded and produced by Matt Stanfield: "The Rain - [2015]" and "Rest - [2015]." The album further includes a new live recording of "Come Like You Promise." All three of these songs were mixed by Shane D. Wilson (Switchfoot, David Crowder Band, Jeremy Camp), who also remixed the rest of the album. 


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