Messianic Worship Leader Paul Wilbur Releases New Album & Book

Paul Wilbur

Messianic worship leader Paul Wilbur has released his latest worship album Revive. The new album finds Wilbur revisiting some of his most popular worship songs giving them "a brand new feel." Paul Wilbur is a globally recognized worship leader who has recorded in six different languages. One of Wilbur's passion is to connect Christians back to their Jewish roots. 

In "He Shall Reign," a new song on the record, Wilbur describes Jesus as a king. He says describing Him, as "a king" vs. "The King" is important, because the latter leaves the door open for unbelievers to ask more about Christ.  Although all of the songs focus on the scripture written by the prophets, they also describe the coming of the Lord. In this way, the events the prophets wrote about thousands of years ago are relevant today. 


01. It Is Good
02. Come Let Us Go Up
03. He Shall Reign
04. Day Of The Lord
05. Clap Your Hands/I Will Talk To My Brother Medley
06. Awake O Zion
07. How I Praise You
08. Blessed Is The Man
09. Resting Place
10. You Are There
11. Comfort Ye My People
12. Adonai / El Shaddai 

Besides releasing his new CD, Wilbur has also released his new book. In Touching the Heart of God,  Wilbur primarily deals with what he calls the "Calendar of the Kingdom," which is a biblical schedule of work, rest, and worship that has been established by God. Paul says the Kingdom of God is like every kingdom, in that there is a calendar. The calendar tracks the timing of events in the Kingdom of God, and marks celebrations, times of mourning, challenges, seasons, etc.

This is already happening on a global scale.  Christians around the world celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, the Passover Celebration, and other traditions on the Jewish calendar. Paul says celebrating this way is a privilege of Kingdom membership. As Christians, we get to celebrate with the king!

Wilbur believes we should reestablish these calendar events as a regular part of the believer's life today. The book, he says, is an encouragement to the Church to embrace the calendar of the Kingdom of God. He says for Christians to participate in the Kingdom calendar, it means recognizing that the Kingdom is inclusive, not exclusive. Both Jews and Gentiles are a part of biblical history. For example, the events Moses participated in are a part of Jewish history as well as Christian history. Wilbur says the seasons that Jesus himself celebrated are good and healthy for us (Christians) to celebrate.       


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