Tanya Tucker Reflects on Her Old Flame Glen Campbell & His Latest Condition

Tanya Tucker

In the mid-80s, Tanya Tucker was constantly on the tabloid news with stories about her and fellow country star Glen Campbell.  Both of them had a tumultou relationship involving suicide attempts (her, according to Campbell), a freebasing OD (him), then the inevitable breakup.

"I regret a lot of things," Tucker, 57, says in a phone interview. "I broke up with him and he came back and wanted to fix things up, but I was too cocky. I wanted him to try a little harder. One more time would've worked, you know?" Before they could reconcile, Tucker says, one of Campbell's band members set him up with the woman to whom he is still married. "I think he was just on the rebound, in my opinion," Tucker says. "She don't like me, but I have nothing against her. I appreciate her taking care of him all these years, because I know he's a handful."

With Campbell now at a care facility suffering the latter stages of Alzheimer's Disease, has Tucker been in touch with her old flame?.Tucker isn't allowed to see him, she says, though Campbell's oldest daughter once set up a FaceTime call between the former lovers. "I was talking to him, going, 'Remember me? I'm Tanya, we used to love each other.' Trying to think of anything that would trigger his memory. When I was done, he kissed the phone. So I got that, at least. ... It may be all I ever get, but that was wonderful." 

According to Tucker, Campbell's children are allowed limited access to him, and aren't allowed to bring in phones or take photos. "They can't just go see their dad, which I think is horrible."

Currently, Tucker is preparing for the launch of a new album while criss-crossing the country with her instantly recognizable vocal flare and legendary repertoire that includes "Some Kind of Trouble," "Two Sparrows in a Hurricane," "Love Me Like You Used To" and many more. 



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