With Heidi Feek Taking the Place of Joey Feek, Who is Heidi Feek?

Heidi Feek

Recently Joey Feek (of Joey + Rory) has found out that her Stage IV cervical cancer has spread.  Doctors have revealed that no chemotherapy would help.  So, the couple have decided to stop all treatments and go home.  As a result of such devstating news, Joey + Rory have cancelled all their 2015 Farmhouse Concerts. But they will honor their plans to perform at the 2015 Herber Valley Poetry Gathering in Herber City, Utah, with a little help from Rory Feek's daughter Heidi. 

So, who is Heidi Feel?  Feek is not only the daughter of Rory, but she's a singer in her own rights.  She has just released her debut album ""The Only."  And she admits that her R&B / Blues edge might take some by surprise given the traditional lean of her parents. 

"Sometimes, the lady who runs their Facebook will post about my new video and ask people to check it out, which is really nice because they have such a large fan base," she tells Billboard. "It's nice to be tied in there, but for every 30 people or so that seem to love it, there'll be one that will say something like 'She's just like Miley Cyrus.' Some people aren't going to like it. A lot of people love them because of their being traditional country, and I'm not traditional country. I have a lot of traditional influences that weigh heavily on my style, but I wouldn't say that I am traditional country by any means. But, I think it's something their fans can get into. I have some stuff that they seem to really life that pulls enough from those influences that they can recognize that as something they like to listen to, which is nice."

What did influence Feek? "When we moved to Nashville, Dad was listening to a lot of Chris Isaak, and he always listened to Elvis. I loved Marty Robbins and Willie Nelson, but Elvis was always the standard. And, early Elvis. We pretend like the later years of Elvis never existed. Somebody just gave me the book Careless Love, and I'm scared to read it, because I like to pretend the downfall of Elvis never actually happened," she says. "The One" contains a seductive and dreamy cover of "Heartbreak Hotel."  

Heidi also cites Rory as a major influence.  "Dad bought me a guitar when I was fifteen. I started learning how to play, and how to write about the same time. I've been writing since then, but I would hope that nothing that I wrote anytime near there would ever see the light of day." Heidi even co-wrote "Tonight Cowboy You are Mine" for Joey + Rory.  


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