Bread of Stone is the First Christian Act to Release a 360 Degree Video

Bread of Stone

Bread of Stone is the first Christian act to release a video in the 360 degree format. The groundbreaking clip was created in support of their current CHR/Hot AC Single, "Not Alone." 

In the video spot, Bread of Stone can be seen sailing on crystal clear lakes, singing beside picturesque mountain vistas and climbing over stunning rock formations. As they sing "you are the stars above me" or "you are the sea below" viewers can actually pan to the sky or water.

YouTube only began supporting 360-degree video earlier this year. The technology allows the viewer to look in any direction, effectively controlling the perspective or point of view. To get the full effect, 360 videos need to be viewed in Google's Chrome browser or with the YouTube app on iOS or Android devices.
Click here to watch Bread of Stone's 360-degree video for "Not Alone."  

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