The Perrys “Sing” Album Review

The Perrys

Prime Cuts:  Fear for Faith, I Have Seen the Power, Time Has Made a Change in Me

What's the secret?  After 45 years of singing the praises of the Lord making their way across every crevices of the nation, the Perrys are still just as active as they were on day one.  Despite suffering a major health setback in 2013 when Tracy Lee Stuffle suffered a major stroke after coming out of a heart surgery, the Perrys are still chirpy in their worship.  "Sing," the Perrys' latest release for StowTown Records, contains the answer.  In this regard, "Sing" is more than just another record from this veteran Southern Gospel team.  Rather, it's a testimony containing vignettes of truth of how we too can weather the storms of life and still sing right through our trials. "While it seems like we've walked through a valley for a long time, we are not discouraged. God is good and we want to sing songs that convey that message," states Libby Stuffle.

Currently, the Perrys consist of the unforgettable alto Libbi Perry Stuffle, along with her husband and beloved bass singer Tracy Stuffle, their son Jared (JK) Stuffle representing a new generation on bass vocals, lead singer Andrew Goldman, and baritone Troy Peach. "Sing" is the follow-up to last year's "Into His Presence" and it's also their sophomore project for Wayne Haun and Ernie Haase's boutique label StowTown Records.  Rather than reinventing the wheel, the Perrys have stuck with same template that have made them the darlings of Southern Gospel music.  This means that fans who love their traditional full-fledged harmonies are in for a treat starting with the banjo and strings helmed toe-tapping "Did I Just Hear the Thunder." 

Giving fans a judicious dose of covers as well as originals, the album conterminously contain both familiar as well as fresh sounds.  In the former category, the Perrys give a rousing and dust kicking version of "Fear for Faith."  Catchiness certainly gets its definition with the song's chorus, one that will get us singing along in a flash.  Traditionalists will adore Libbi's soaring and expressive vocals on "I Claim the Blood." The title cut "Sing," with an elixir of funky brassy horns, is testimonial of how God's grace and power are the answers to all our sufferings.   "Keep On," an ode to persevering in Christ, takes us farther into church as the Perrys indulge us in a sound fest of some bluesy-sounding Holy Spirit kicking worship. 

Nevertheless, it would be a remiss not to mention a couple of the ballads.  "Time Has Made a Change in Me" is a waltzy country ballad that features Tracy on leads.  Though Tracy  does sound a little haggard and shaky but the delightful supporting vocals of Karen Peck Gooch and Kelly Nelon Thompson redeem the song.  The best song on the record tails at the end of the record: "I Have Seen the Power" is a crescendo-building powerhouse ballad that chronicles through the  stories of heroes of Scripture.  Sung with utmost passion and power, you can't helped but be awed again by the God of these Biblical stories.

If you want to know the secret of how to sing even in the storms of life, give the Perrys a listen.



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