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New Hope Oahu

New Hope Oahu are back with their latest album, Greater Together. "Greater Together" is the newest single available off of the album which releases September 11th 2015. Greater Together is once again produced by DREAM Label Group Founder, David Hanley and recorded in Honolulu at New Hope Oahu in the state of the art recording studio there. Greater Together captures the spirit of unity which is prevalent on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. This album truly captures the spirit and sound of Hawaii but also has a new modern sound. Every church will want to add these songs into their weekly rotation! 

Hallels:  Congratulations on the release of album #3 for Dream Worship.  How is this album the same or different compared to your previous releases?

The heart behind our albums are to be a collaborative musical expression of what God is doing at New Hope Oahu.  In that sense, this project is in line with the themes of our previous 2 projects, "Hope is Alive" and "Victorious".  Musically speaking we are committed to present the Gospel in relevant ways that reach the heart and our sound continues to evolve in order to evangelize effectively.

Hallels:  Being situated in Hawaii, how do you bring your heritage and sound to contemporary worship music?

God didn't place New Hope Oahu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by coincidence, so for us to squander the opportunity to represent how He is alive and moving in the Hawaiian Islands would be foolish.  In our efforts to present quality contemporary worship music, we have an equal heart to represent the people and culture of our beloved home.  Hawaii has a rich heritage of Christianity dating back to the Hawaiian Monarchy.  We humbly pick up the baton of faith once carried by Christ-followers and composers like Queen Liliuokalani and continue God's work here in Hawaii and beyond.

Hallels:  Why did you name this new album "Greater Together"?  What's the significance of the title?

Along with inspiration from the Holy Spirit, our biggest source of influence comes from our Pastor, Wayne Cordeiro.  "Greater Together" came about through a series of messages Pastor Wayne delivered earlier in the year and has become our church anthem as we move into another season of New Hope.  Although He's called us individually to love Him with all our hearts, He's designed us to serve him collectively with one heart.  We were designed that way because He knew that we would be GREATER TOGETHER.

Hallels:  Has there been a single released yet from the album?  If so, tell us more about the single.

Our prayer is that "Greater Together" will be used in mighty ways to unite and encourage to body of Christ.

Hallels:  I really love "Your Amazing Grace."  Tell us more about the inspiration behind this song.

This song was written by one of our worship leaders, Christina Brown, and finds it source in Ephesians 2:8, "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God."  

Hallels:  What about "Refine"?  Any thoughts about how this song?

Another song written by Christina, and in her words..."There are times in life when we feel dry, and troubled about things that have been put in our path. In these times our heart has to be reminded that God is our Creator. He is the only one who can carry our burdens, He is the only one who has given us life, He is the only one who can redeem and refine us."

Hallels:  I see on the album cover a long line of worship leaders.  How do you get to decide who sings on the various songs? 

New Hope Oahu has a rich history of incredible worshippers and vocalists, so deciding who sings what, specifically on our album projects, are based on 2 things:1) Prayer 2) Psalm 78:2

We are committed to delivering the best presentation in both skill and heart.  Not all skill, not all heart, but a God anointed balance of the two.Without God's approval we're just doing nice songs.  Likewise, without a balance of skill and heart the music we make will not have eternal value.


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