7eventh Time Down “God is on the Move” Album Review

7eventh Time Down

Prime Cuts: God is on the Move, Lean On, Revival

7eventh Time Down's brand new third album "God is on the Move" eschews the myopic in favour for broader (and more pressing) issues pertaining to the Christian faith.  While many CCM albums hardly address issues outside the narrow confines of our personal relationship with Jesus, 7eventh Time Down takes a more panoramic approach.  Addressing issues such as world revival, missions, idolatry, and what God is doing across the nations in addition to our personal interactions with the Savior, there's something refreshing about these songs.  This is especially true for those of us who feel claustrophobic about the current crop of CCM songs.  Stylistically, the Kentucky guys have also embraced a broader (and bolder) spectrum of musical executions including meshing more elements of country, folk, anthemic worship, and strip-down balladry to their patented brand of pop rock.   

7eventh Time Down has continued to reach fans since their label debut in 2011. The band tours continuously across the nation bringing fans high-energy, impactful live shows with their hit radio singles. In 2013, 7eventh Time Down released their sophomore album "Just Say Jesus," which produced their hit radio single from the title track that spent an incredible 52 weeks on the National Christian Audience chart.  They are now following up this streak of success with "God's on the Move's" lead single "Promises."  Though it's steadily making its accent up the charts, "Promises" is not the best track on the new album.  Pulling no surprises, "Promises" suffers a little from anonymity with its pedantic lyrics and somehow predictable made-for-radio melody. 

Much better is the title track "God is on the Move." It's like taking a virtual tour around the world, here we get to celebrate with the quartet on this explosive worship anthem God's sovereign ways globally.  Along the same lines is the uniquely crafted country-flavored "Revival." "Revival" takes a look back at the past with nostalgic affinity and yet it longs for God to break out in revival again with prophetic fervor. "Lean On," on the hand, finds the boys stripping away all the frills in what is an honest and heartfelt piece of prayerful surrender to God.  Of note are the gorgeous piano riffs that undergird the song, they are literally music to the ears. 

"Kingdoms" makes a home run as far as the Bible is concerned.  Eradicating the idols that we often bow to, "Kingdoms" is a prayer for each of us to bow to the rightful king.  The guitar-propelled intensity and 7eventh Time Down's passionate delivery add a further ring of urgency to "Kingdoms" making it a highlight.  Borrowing a shade from Rend Experiment is the folk-rock (and a tad on the ordinary side) "I Still Believe."  While "God is on the Move" is by no means a perfect record, it's a refreshing record to listen.  Giving us a recess from the "me and Jesus" songs, "God is on the Move" will get us thinking and moving with God with greater boldness and greater vision.  



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