Uche Agu on His Life Journey, Worship in Africa, and "The Glory Experience"

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Uche Agu has just released his brand new worship album "The Glory Experience | Live in Houston" on DREAM Gospel Records. "The Glory Experience: reflects a diversity rarely showcased in the African Gospel, American Gospel and the Christian Worship genres.

To create a true, organic yet quality sound Uche has pulled from the expertise of world class recording personnel such as Dove, Stellar & GrammyTM Nominated producer, musician and songwriter Clay Bogan III (William McDowell, Israel & New Breed), coveted vocal arranger and worship artist Daniel Johnson, world-class drummer Chris Coleman (Israel & New Breed, Chaka Khan, Prince), GrammyTM award winning recording engineer Danny Duncan and along with the GrammyTM award winning mix engineer Paul "Salvo" Salveson to create an eclectic gospel mix that blends sounds from all around the world with the roots of African rhythms being the canvas...truly a work of art.

Hallels:  Uche, thank you so much for your time. I believe when you were very young, you received a prophecy that you would be a music minister.  Tell us more about your upbringing.

Uche: Hi Hallels! It's an honored to be here. Well, I was brought up in a Christian home where both of my parents are Pastors with the Assemblies of God in Nigeria.  Everything we did was centered on prayer, the word, the church and then...more church. (laughter) My parents pastored and planted several churches and we often moved to a new location with new and different challenges. As a pastor's kid, I had the opportunity to nuture my music gifts and had the privledge of learning a little bit of how to play some music instruments which helped to shape my ministry. In all, I am grateful to my parents for giving me a Godly direction which is the bedrock of my life today.

Hallels:  What is your ministry like now in Africa?

Uche: I've been truly blessed to travel the entire continent of Africa and have so many of my brothers and sisters sing the songs God has given to me. The song that help propel my ministry is the song "My God Is Good" after I recorded it with the South African group, Joyous Celebration. That experience has changed my life and the course of my ministry. 

Hallels:  How did you connect with DREAM Gospel Records for your new album? 

Uche: I believe that the connection with Dream is divine. We needed a partner who like us had a heart to reach the world through worship and music. My producer, Clay (Bogan) took on the challenge and made the connection for me. They have been a great blessing.

Hallels:  Tell us more about your new album "The Glory Experience."  Who did you work with on this album?  What was it like recording this album live in Texas? 

Uche: I feel that The Glory Experience Album is my best album yet! We felt the need to answer a heavenly call and be the avenue and voice of announcing God's deep desire to showing His Glory among His children. 

I was excited and grateful for the blessing to be able to work with people like Clay Bogan, Daniel Johnson, Neville D, Jena Fisher, Chris Coleman, Javier Solis, Gene Moore, Patrick Andy and many others who sing and play for some of the best. The project is sooooo rich with talent. God blessed me with connecting with these people.

Recording in Houston was like recording at home in Nigeria. It was electrifying to see a packed venue with great expectation on that night. We are grateful for several moments God gave us that night and we are excited to see how that atmosphere will change lives around the World.

Hallels:  What are some of the songs you are most excited about from this album? 

Uche: I honestly LOVE THE ENTIRE album but mostly excited about the Glory, Yahweh, Lost in You, Lord You Are, and my new rendition of My God is Good.

Hallels:  Since many of our readers are from North America, how is worship different in Africa compared to North America?

Uche: I feel that Africans are more expressive and undignified about their worship. Many artists who travel to Africa share the same sentiment. A worship experience in Africa is a unapologetic Holy Ghost party full of dancing, crying, shouting, giving, lying flat, bowing, and more. Americans are great worshippers too but....Hahahahaha! I'll let you finish the sentence. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to know more about you and your music, where can they go?

Uche: They can get to and get more info about us. 


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