Holly Starr is Engaged (Read About Their Courtship Here)

Holly Starr

Christian singer and songwriter Holly Starr is engaged.  She is engaged to her longtime friend (and former bandmate) Christopher Rumbles. They'd kept their courtship under wraps the past four years, but now they're shouting their love to the world. They'll be getting married this October.

"My best friend in the whole world (yes, the whole world!) asked me to marry him...and I said YES! :)

If you are interested in hearing more of how it happened....see below :)

Some of you may remember Chris - he was my bass player about 5 years ago. He had long curly hair back then, so I was far from interested in him at that point (lol!!!). Let me clarify...I'm a farmer's daughter - I typically was attracted to farm-grown boys, not the typical "band-guy". In fact, I tried setting him up with a couple of my close friends, assuring them that I was NOT interested. My mom would encourage me to be nicer to him because, "You never know, Holly, he could be a good one to think about... just think about!" Obviously, I laugh now at the irony in my mom's words!

All it took was God, some rain, and an umbrella...for me to realize what kind of friend I had in Chris. :)

I would no-doubt tell you he was one of my very best friends...but date him? No way! However, one particular day we were hanging out with my family at my brother's sporting event when my thinking began to change. As we stood in the pouring rain, Chris holding my umbrella, I began to see a side of him than I hadn't given credit to in the past. He was kind, patient, helpful, and a hard worker... I couldn't stop thinking about it! It was like I was standing in a dark room and God flipped on a light-switch, illuminating all the wonderful things He created in Chris. Sure, Chris wasn't the "type" of guy I thought I would marry. But what I began to see that day was that he was more than that. I could trust him. I could work with him. I could admire him...and (to save you from a long very sincere googlie-eyed list, haha), for the first time, I could see myself next to him as more than just a band member or a friend... and for a very long time.

Chris, on the other-hand, was having dreams about doing ministry with me. And, yes, like LITERAL dreams at night about us serving God through music ministry throughout our life together. Because he wasn't attracted to me at that point, he tried to shake the dreams and ignore them (I mean, that's weird and crazy, right?). The more he would have those dreams, however, the more real it became to him. For about a year and a half he wrestled with trying to let me go because I was obviously not interested - and when he finally reached the point of surrender, it was about a week or two later that he was holding an umbrella for me at my brother's sporting event, when my world began to change. Funny how God works, isn't it?

Not too long after that day we began this crazy thing called courting/dating.

When we started dating, Chris stepped off the road and went back to school to pursue a degree in accounting. Neither he nor I thought it was a wise idea for him to stay on the road and travel together if we were going to date. So he got a job, went to college, and just this year graduated with his master's degree in accounting and will soon have his CPA license! Can I brag for a minute? I am so so so proud of all his hard work! To watch Chris humbly set aside his passion for music so he could prepare for a life together with me has caused me to respect him in a way I was unprepared for. It caused me to love him in a deeper kind-of way. I will always be grateful for the foundation he has worked hard to build for us. It has not been easy! (Side note...did you know.... my mom, aunt, and two uncles are all accountants? Doesn't take much to see what kind of people I need around me! Haha... #artist)

Why Haven't You Heard About Him Yet?

Some of you may realize that I haven't posted about Chris at all. That was intentional. I take this whole getting married thing pretty seriously, and I also take the platform God has given me seriously. Because dating is not a for-sure thing that will end in marriage, I wanted to spare you from the roller-coaster that it can be. Since we got engaged, we've come to to the end of that ride, and as we move toward the next one it is my great joy to finally introduce you to Chris :)


We will be concluding this season by celebrating our marriage on October 18th with close friends and family. We invite your prayers and thank you in advance...If you are interested in seeing pictures, I'm sure they will show up somewhere between Facebook and Instagram :)


Holly (& Chris)"


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