Brooke Fraser Auctions Off Her Clothes for a Good Cause

Brooke Fraser

Singer and songwriter Brooke Fraser has been back in her home land of New Zealand touring in order to promote her new release "Brutal Romantic." And to her accommodate her very pregnant frame she has teamed up with three designers - Juliette Hogan, Zambesi and Stolen Girlfriends Club - to come up with something that was comfortable to wear on stage.  After which, she will auction off her clothes to help a good cause.

Fraser, who played shows in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland as part of her Brutal Romantic tour, couldn't have been happier with her new clothes, given that none of the wardrobe that was originally put together for the tour fitted her any more.The outfits the designers created for her three New Zealand concerts will be auctioned on Trade Me with proceeds going to the neonatal unit at the Starship Foundation.

"I invited the designers to have free reign over what they made," Fraser says. "My only brief was that I be able to move in it. The first thing Juliette said when I initially tried on the dress she designed for me was, 'Oh I wish you could keep this'.  The designs really are beautifully made pieces.  We're all on board for giving them for this incredible cause and I hope the bids go high.

"Most designs comparable to this would retail for a pretty penny anyway, so the fact they're custom, one-of-a-kind pieces we hope will get bidders really excited.  Not only will they be winning a bespoke outfit from NZ's premier designers but their money will be going to benefit the littlest of little bubbas at Starship Hospital.  It's a beautiful combo!"

"All three designers each have such specific aesthetics and I was so intrigued as to what they would come up with.  I was thrilled with the results.  The Juliette Hogan dress is utterly elegant and ladylike, the Stolen Girlfriends Club piece is really young and fun, and the Zambesi garment is striking and sculptural."  

The Trade Me auction will be going live sometime during the week beginning July 6.


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