Former Press Play's Sada K. on How Her Knee Injury Prepared Her for Her Solo Album

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Four years after a devastating knee injury nearly ended her career, former Press Play vocalist Sada K. has re-emerged with her debut solo album, "Long Story Short." After touring all over the country with the hit-making Dream Records/Universal Music Group Christian pop band, Sada K. was devastated by a serious, career-threatening knee injury in June 2011. She had to face the harsh realities of two knee surgeries, months of physical therapy and the grueling task of having to learn how to walk all over again. We are thankful to be able to catch up with her to find out how she is and her new album.

Hallels:  Thank you so much for your time.  Prior to your solo album, you were part of Press Play.  Why did you leave the band?

It was a very hard decision to part ways with Press Play, my injury occurred right after I got home from a big tour with them. And once I realized that I had a long road of recovery ahead of me, I knew it was time to end my season with the band and concentrate on my health and getting better. It was all in God's plan. 

Hallels:  My heart broke reading about your knee injury.  Can you tell us what happened?

I've always had issues with my knees since I was 12 years old. It's a hereditary thing. But when I was younger, the doctors said there was nothing they could really do for me. My knee caps would slip out of place every once in a while if I did too much physical activity. I had a time where I did some physical therapy to help build the muscle around my knee because they said, exercise was the only way to really secure my small knee caps. After going really hard during a month long tour, I came home, was stretching to get ready to exercise and I got up to take a step and my knee popped out of place and didn't go back in like it normally does. I collapsed to the floor, screaming for help.

My husband ran to my aid and when he went to pick up my leg, he felt it move back in. It was horrible. It was out of place so long that it stretched my ligaments but thankfully nothing tore, but my knee cap was just dangling there. Long story short, I was misdiagnosed a few times before I had to face two surgeries, muscle memory loss and months of physical therapy. BUT thank God, I'm back on my feet, I don't have a permanent limp, and I am able to live an active, healthy lifestyle, where exercise to keep my knees strong is a big part of my life. I even did a 5K walk for Breast Cancer for my mom with my family last year! That was a huge milestone!

Hallels:  And you also found out that your parents were battling cancer.  What happened after that?

I'm very sensitive to my parent's privacy when discussing their health battles, but I'm thankful that we are able to inspire others through what we have been through. My father is doing well and is walking in his healing. My mother is doing well also, she is so strong and truly my hero. We were fortunate to celebrate her healing for a season and now she is back in the fight, but she is stronger than ever before. She is walking towards her healing with victory and we have faith and trust God through it all. 

Hallels:  How has suffering changed you and your relationship with Jesus?

I wouldn't call what I've been through suffering. I am blessed and fortunate to live the life I live. It may not always be easy and it may seem extremely challenging to others, but for me, it's just my life. I've been able to grow and learn so many valuable life lessons along the way. There are many key moments in my life that have shown me that God is absolutely real and I'm thankful for the journey that I'm on. I'm thankful I haven't withdrawn from God but have drawn closer through the good and the bad. Not just when I've needed something. Praying and meditating on the Word is a part of my daily lifestyle and with that, I've been able to study the life of Jesus and understand so much about this journey and He gave us the blueprint. That's why this album is full of so much love, compassion and hope. 

Hallels:  One song on the album that I think means a lot to you is your single "Stand Up."  Tell us more about this song.

Stand Up was one of the first songs created for the album. It represents so much, me standing on my own as an artist, me encouraging others to step out on faith and stand up as well and me literally being able to physically stand up, because I couldn't even stand up when we were recording this song. The studio we were working in at the time, had stairs and I was on crutches and I had to be carried to the studio. I cried because I couldn't stand up to record vocals and I wasn't sure what was going to happen with my career and my legs. It was so tough but I pressed through it anyway. Not knowing what was ahead of me.  It was the launching point of me to use my current circumstance to really create a message that spoke to my heart as well as others. Now I'm following up with my single "Live Love Laugh" that is encouraging people to really take time to live life to the fullest and be thankful for what we have. Life can be so hectic and I wanted to release a feel good song to remind people that we can't just let life pass us by, it is to be lived and enjoyed. And I'm expressing how thankful I am throughout the song. I try not to take anything for granted any more. 

Hallels:  What are some lessons you want your listeners to grasp after hearing this new album?

I want those who take the time to listen to my album to walk away uplifted, feeling the Love of God and being inspired to live a full life, walking in love every step of the way. 

Hallels:  For our readers who would like to purchase your new album or/and find out more about you, where can they go?

My album Long Story Short can be purchased anywhere digital music is sold, including iTunes (, Google Play ( and Amazon ( They can also purchase physical CDs, signed by me with a personal letter included in the packaging at ( I'd love to connect with everyone on my social media @SadaKMusic on Twitter & Instagram and And they can always reach out to me on my website

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